5 Ways You Can Get Hands-on with Watson Today

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It’s the question many developers ask: “Watson sounds awesome. But what can I do with it?” The answer is: Pretty much whatever you can imagine. However, if you need a little more guided inspiration, check out these real-life, code-ready ideas.

The Watson Developer Conference is not going to be your typical app developer conference.

1. Teach an app to see like a human expert

Here’s your chance to dip a toe into the growing field of visual recognition. Train a custom visual classifier using the Watson Visual Recognition API to enable an app to “see” specific content that you define in images.

2. Build a bot that tells you today’s weather

No doubt—bots are hot. Now you can get real chat bot-building experience in this hands-on lab, even if you’ve never built one before. Use a Watson Conversation bot that’s been pre-trained on weather data, then integrate the Watson API with Facebook Messenger, so users can have productive conversations about the weather (everyone’s perennial favorite conversation topic.)

3. Turn spoken utterances into the written word

What if you could unlock insights hidden in one of the most prevalent forms of unstructured data, the spoken word? Take a test drive of several Watson services—Speech to Text and AlchemyLanguage while building an app that transcribes and annotates your choice of YouTube videos.

4. Visualize emotions in social media posts

Become indispensable to marketing and communications teams by building an app that answers the question, “How do you feel about this topic, Twitter?” with visuals that are easy to understand at a glance. Use multiple tools to analyze social sentiment, deploy an app on Bluemix, and then produce insight-revealing visualizations.

5. Create a device that reflects sentiment on Twitter

A refrigerator that brightens its interior light when you’re happy. Rooms that turn lightbulbs pink when you’re sad. Or even a dress that reflects the moods of online social media users. All of these are possible through the Watson Internet of Things (IOT) platform. Prepare yourself for the future by creating an IOT application that uses Twitter tone analysis to manipulate LED colors.

Need a bit of a jumpstart?

Consider attending the Watson Developer Conference. Your registration gives you the chance to get hands-on by building applications using the Watson APIs above, with unprecedented access to the latest Watson technology, foremost machine learning and AI experts, and been-there, done-that application developers just like you.

These are just a few of the ways you can get experience with Watson technology at the Watson Developer Conference. Don’t forget: Your registration also gives you access to live code demonstrations, exclusive meet-the-expert sessions, coding challenges, and even a hiring mixer, to help you get in front of employers looking to connect with developers that have the skills you just gained.

Don’t wait! Registration is limited.

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