App monitoring removed from Mobile Client Access

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If you use the Mobile Client Access on Bluemix, you might have noticed that the monitoring feature is no longer available. This post explains why.

Mobile Client Access is a fantastic tool for securing access to your app, and the monitoring section included charts for monitoring usage, network calls, device counts, and authentication of your mobile app. While these charts were generally useful, we decided to deprecate them for two reasons:

  • The charts were not closely related to the service’s primary purpose (access control); removing them allows us to focus the offering as we prepare for future enhancements.
  • As our Bluemix platform matures we are raising the bar for security and reliability for all services. The legacy monitoring function of Mobile Client Access did not meet the new standard, so we chose to remove it.

Is there an alternative way to monitor mobile apps on Bluemix? Yes! If you are lamenting the loss of monitoring from Mobile Client Access, I encourage you try out Mobile Analytics for Bluemix. While this service is still in beta, it offers most of the metrics you enjoyed in Mobile Client Access, but with powerful enhancements like:

  • Access 25 months of data (vs. 30 days for Mobile Client Access analytics)
  • Monitor app crashes and drill down to root cause
  • Set alerts to send messages or trigger IBM OpenWhisk functions
  • Use the Bluemix Mobile Dashboard to automatically include Mobile Analytics in your app with no manual coding

In case you’re using the Mobile Client Access Node.js or Liberty authorization filters you might notice error messages in your server logs once the monitoring functionality of Mobile Client Access is shut down.  These error messages are result of authorization of filters being unable to report the monitoring data. Please note that despite these error messages both authorization filters remain fully operational. In order to stop seeing theses error messages please update to the latest version of authorization filters which address this problem.

For more information on Mobile Analytics for Bluemix, see this blog post or visit the IBM Bluemix Mobile playlist on YouTube.

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