Ultimate Watson DevCon attendee guide

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Republished from the Watson Blog

Developer conferences are like childhood “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories. Depending on the choices you make at the event, the experience can either be rewarding and enriching or not quite up your expectations.

Like other app developer conferences, the Watson Developer Conference will include a variety of well-respected and knowledgeable speakers and Watson experts, enlightening talks and a dazzling array of demos, competitions and labs. With so much to do and experience, how can you make the most of your time?

Here’s a list of the don’t-miss sessions to help you achieve your goals at Watson DevCon, based on your background and objectives.

New developer

If you’ve got a strong technical foundation and are experimenting with app development, check out talks and demos which will show you how to use simplified tools to build apps quickly and give you a chance to talk to those who have been there, done that.

Bluemix to BlueShop!

Hear from five students who used Watson to create a shopping-specific platform where users view store reviews and social media posts from their favorite stores to learn more about the store and access coupons. During this Flash Talk, they will talk about how they built and deployed the platform in just two weeks.

November 9th, 1:30-1:50pm

Do More with Less Code

Find out how easy it can be to extract greater insights from SMS and voice calls using Watson add-ons pre-integrated with Twilio APIs.

November 9th, 3:30-3:50pm

Build a Watson Conversation App in 10 Minutes

Watch, in real time, how quick and simple it is to build a bot from scratch in minutes with no machine learning expertise or extensive coding required. (Stop by the “Create a Watson-powered chat bot” Hands-On Lab session to try it on your own.)

November 9th, 4:30-4:50pm

Experienced developer

If you’re familiar with using front end and back end technologies to create, integrate, and customize applications, focus on the sessions and hands-on labs that will give you an opportunity to see and practice techniques for solving problems with code.

Turning Visual Recognition Into Video Recognition

Watch the creation of a simple API to process video using Bluemix, ffmpeg, OpenCV, and Node.js. (Don’t forget to visit the “Classify and recognize image attributes” Hands-On Lab later in the day to practice using these techniques.)

November 9th, 11:00-11:20am

Finding Insights Using NLP Metadata

Get an introduction to methodologies that help aggregate and query the metadata returned from an NLP analysis so you can look for patterns, recognize trends and understand connections between your documents.

November 9th, 5:30-5:50pm

The future of discovery – deep insights with cognitive APIs

See the future of Watson’s tools for data insights in this Spotlight, and learn how you can use them to make sense of vast troves of unstructured data, and turn those insights into action.

November 9th, 3:30-4:15pm

Customer or digital experience lead

If you’re an expert in your domain and want to find out how cognitive apps can be trained to become experts too, attend talks and Meet the Expert sessions where you’ll hear from trainers and developers who have done just that.

Myca: Providing Individualized Career Coaching Anywhere, Anytime

Learn how a team of subject matter experts and developers created a cognitive career advisor app that gives users instant, personalized career advice.

November 9th, 11:00-11:20am

From Jeopardy! to the Future

Did you know that Watson won Jeopardy! because it was trained to be an expert on Wikipedia? Imagine if you could create an app that could become as skilled as a human grand champion in your domain. During this Spotlight, you’ll get an insider’s look at the origin of Watson—and learn how you can shape its future.

November 9th, 11:45am-12:30pm

Study Buddy: Empowering Computer Science Students with Knowledge On the Fly

See a live demo of this homework-helper app during this Flash Talk and find out how these student developers trained Watson to answer natural language queries in the specialized computer science domain. (Afterwards, grab a coffee in the Hackers Lounge and brainstorm a few ways a trained expert app could help your users accomplish something while they’re drinking a cup of coffee, too.)

November 9th, 5:30-5:50pm

But wait, there’s more!

Informative sessions and detail-oriented labs are not the only highlights of the Watson Developer Conference. Whether you’re a developer, student, entrepreneur, all of the above or anything in between, the Watson Developer Conference gives you the opportunity to:

  • Connect with developers and collaborate on great ideas
  • Build with cognitive APIs
  • See what’s cutting edge in machine learning technology
  • Learn firsthand from other IBM Watson developers

These are just a few of the sights, sounds, and experiences available at the Watson Developer Conference. Check out the full agenda, register for the Watson Developer Conference now, and start mapping your own unique track.

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