Drive Innovation – Deliver Apps Faster with IBM Bluemix Local System

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Leaders in today’s digital economy drive innovation in three critical business areas: a compelling customer experience, new business models, and fast and flexible operational processes. At the center of innovation lies the question of how to deliver compelling, personalized applications with speed and flexibility. The solution is a hybrid cloud architecture that provides the flexibility in deployment, enabling organizations to choose the right platform to run their apps – for more details, read DevOps for hybrid cloud: an IBM point of view:

The status quo of do-it-yourself IT and one-off processes for setting up, provisioning and deploying application environments is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As hybrid cloud becomes the platform for driving business value, digital leaders are adopting application platforms that dramatically accelerate app environment deployments.

These hybrid cloud platforms simplify and automate deployment of the application environment, both on- and off-premises. They speed up development, test and production environment provisioning, and offer push button simplicity for full stack deployments that virtually eliminate human errors.

In late July, IBM announced the IBM Bluemix Local System, and now we’re excited to share its general availability. The Bluemix Local System is a local, private cloud application platform that can run both cloud-native apps and cloud-enabled enterprise workloads on the same system behind your firewall. You now have a single hybrid cloud platform that allows you to easily move applications from one cloud provider to another – with no vendor lock-in and greater flexibility.

Bluemix Local System comes fully integrated with compute, storage and networking hardware, as well as IBM Bluemix Local and IBM PureApplication Software. This pre-integration can save months vs. do-it-yourself ordering, delivery, installation and configuration of individual components.

The new hybrid cloud platform leverages open standards so you can still use existing investments and build an environment in which open source and proprietary tools interoperate, ultimately increasing your developer productivity for a smoother and faster deployment process.

But its real value lies in the operational simplicity and automation of setting up, deploying and managing application environments.

Clients can quickly set up a development environment for cloud-native apps based on IBM Bluemix Local running on a pre-integrated, private cloud application platform. When apps are ready, they can be moved from on-premises to production deployment on an off-premises cloud, accelerating app delivery schedules. This Bluemix Local solution is managed and maintained by IBM with robust service level agreements (SLAs), high availability and security. Life is made easier by the ability to set up scaling policies that automatically adjust compute and storage resources to handle peak workloads.

In addition, for clients focused on cloud-enabling enterprise apps such as business process management, business intelligence, web application, portal, commerce and many others, the Bluemix Local System simplifies and automates repeat deployments and lifecycle management tasks of running enterprise workloads. Pre-built, customizable application patterns from IBM and IBM Partners go beyond scripts and templates to create a containerized pattern of the full stack environment that can be deployed in a matter of minutes vs. weeks or months. The system also enables you to leverage Open pattern automations built to automate provisioning, management and monitoring.

It’s time to put the focus back on building innovative applications and services for your customers by taking advantage of the automation offered by the IBM Bluemix Local System. As an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud platform you can expect simpler, faster and more flexible deployments.

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