Better Pricing and Better Standard Plan on Watson IoT Platform

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Dear Watson IoT Users,

As industries are increasing their IoT adoption, we are introducing a better Watson Internet of Things Platform, and new pricing to make your IoT solutions even more cost effective.

Effective September 16, 2016, our new Standard Plan for the Watson IoT Platform will include metrics for Data Exchanged, Data Analyzed, and Edge Data Analyzed. Each of these three services has 100 MB for free every month.

Data Exchanged
The Data Exchanged metric will reflect a lower, tiered pricing model that decreases as volumes increase.

• 1 MB to 449,999 MB (~450GB) charged at $0.001 per MB exchanged
• Above 450,000 MB to 6,999,999 MB (~7TB) charged at $0.0007 per MB exchanged
• Above 7,000,000 MB (~7TB) charged at $0.00014 per MB exchanged

Data Analyzed
The Data Analyzed metric reflects the merge of the IoT Real-Time Insights service with the Watson IoT Platform and is charged for data that is sent to the embedded rules & analytics engine in the Platform. The price point for Data Analyzed is $0.02 per MB.

Edge Data Analyzed
The Edge Data Analyzed metric supports the newly announced edge analytics capabilities within the Platform and is charged for data that is processed on gateway device before being filtered or forwarded to the cloud. The price for Edge Data Analyzed is $0.005 per MB.

The current Standard Plan, which only includes Data Exchanged at $0.01 per MB, will remain in effect until September 16, 2016. The new Watson IoT Platform will provide more comprehensive services and greater cost efficiencies.

As always, we’re here to help! If you have questions, please reach out to us in our support forums or on Twitter.

— The Bluemix Team

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