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Getting Started with the WebSphere Application Server for Bluemix REST API

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WebSphere Application Server for Bluemix is a cloud service that gives clients complete control over a Red Hat Enterprise virtual machine with WebSphere locked and loaded. Take a break and leave the setup and pre-configuration of the application server to us. There are multiple plans and sizes users can choose from to get started.

In addition to the Bluemix UI, this service provides users with a RESTful API to control service instances and do tasks such as:

  • Create a service instance
  • View service information. For example, the machine’s IP address and credentials
  • Take action on your virtual machines. For example, stop or start them
  • Delete a service instance
  • And more…

The WebSphere Application Server for Bluemix API and Swagger UI API documentation are available in three different environments:

Code examples using this API are located in the IBM-Bluemix/WebSphere-for-Bluemix-API-Usage project on GitHub.

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