SQLDB Deprecation Notice

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SQLDB Premium on Bluemix User: Thank you for subscribing to the IBM SQLDB Premium service on Bluemix. We’d like to inform you of the SQLDB Premium End of Service Date. IBM is transitioning to a new technology, IBM dashDB for Transactions, which is an SQLDB and DB2-compatible cloud database offered by IBM.

We extended the End of Service Date for SQLDB Premium to December 31st 2016, but would like to help you enjoy the new capabilities of dashDB for Transactions sooner. We’re beginning the process of advising customers on migration. Let us know a convenient time and phone number for a 15-minute call and our team would be glad to talk about your dashDB service migration. Alternatively, contact Regina Zaliznyak,

Here’s what this means for you:

  • End of Service Date: (Dec 31, 2016)
  • Any instance still provisioned as of the End of Service Date will be deleted, unless alternative arrangements have been confirmed by IBM.
  • Users are therefore asked to unprovision their SQLDB Premium service instances prior to the End of Service Date.

If you need to continue using SQLDB past the End of Service Date, please contact Regina Zaliznyak,

dashDB for transaction high availability plans

We recently announced dashDB for transaction high availability plans. The dashDB service is our strategic transactional database service for SQLDB Premium customers. We encourage users to migrate to one of the following services in the Bluemix Data and Analytics category below:

  • DB2 on Cloud: Multiple plans. A self-managed DB2 relational database server.
  • PostgreSQL: Currently a free plan. An open-source object-relational database.
  • dashDB: Choose an Enterprise Transactional plan. An OLTP relational database.

IBM dashDB for transactions has:

  • 100% compatibility with SQLDB and DB2
  • Aspera® high-speed file imports
  • Plans redesigned with better business continuity capabilities
  • Private nodes for each customer
  • A fresher, more functional user interface
  • The focus of our team for ongoing enhancements
  • Billing by-the-day (non-bare metal plans only) which makes testing easier.

Please see this documentation for instructions on how to migrate your data from SQLDB. We think you will love it. Plus, we offer all of this at unbeatable prices for a managed enterprise class database. Our private node, high-availability plan with 2 cores, 8GB memory, and 500GB storage is yours for $500/month.

More information about IBM dashDB for Transactions plans can be found on the IBM dashDB™ Bluemix® page.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is IBM replacing SQLDB with IBM dashDB™ for Transactions?
    Switching to dashDB™ for Transactions allows customers to experience the new features and technology being developed under the dashDB™ product family. This includes IBM Aspera® high-speed file imports, a newer web console, and more. IBM has decided that now is the best time to start making the transition to this technology.
  • What are the alternatives to IBM SQLDB Premium?
    IBM dashDB for Transactions is a newer offering which is 100% compatible with DB2 and has similar functionality to SQLDB, including daily backups and a web console
  • How do I sign up for IBM dashDB™ for Transactions?
    When signing up for the dashDB™ for Transactions plan, ensure you choose the “Transactional” plans from the dashDB™ BlueMix® signup page.
  • What’s the Difference Between IBM dashDB™ for Analytics and IBM dashDB™ for Transaction? Can I use the free IBM dashDB™ for Analytics Entry plan?
    IBM dashDB™ for Transactions is optimized for general purpose transactions and web workloads. However, IBM dashDB™ for Analytics is optimized for analytics, and has all tables as columnar (“ORGANIZE BY COLUMN”). If you choose to try the IBM dashDB™ for Analytics free Entry plan, remember that you must organize tables by row, using “CREATE TABLE… ORGANIZE BY ROW” to get the typical DB2 SQL functionality.
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