IBM and VMware, better together

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Some things naturally go well together. Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. My face and a glass sliding door when playing Pokémon Go. And yes, you can add IBM Cloud and VMware to that list.

If you rewind to six months ago, we were in Las Vegas on a stage shaking hands as IBM and VMware announced that we’d get you to a hybrid cloud faster. More than 500 of you were with us throughout the past few months, rapidly shifting your VMware environments to the IBM Cloud.

Why? It’s simple. That massively growing number of early adopters took minutes, instead of months, to move their existing workloads from on-premises to the IBM Cloud. You know what they didn’t take with them? The cost of retooling and all those security worries and risks that they had around workload migrations.

As I look across the floor and see the phones ringing and our digital sales team furiously keying in chats, it’s exciting to see the rapid adoption but frankly, not surprising.

Here are three things that those clients saw:

  • Reduced stress levels caused by heightened security.IBM and VMware solutions can accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, enabling you to avoid retooling expenses, alleviate development risks and reduce security concerns. On top of that we have new partners such as HyTrust for virtualization security, Veeam Software for data recovery and Zerto, which protects business critical applications.
  • Enjoyed weeks back in their life.Where you going to do with your four to six weeks that you saved? Let me suggest you spend the time reflecting on the fact that our new while you lay in the hammock that you created out of old server cables. Thank you, automation technology.
  • Delighted customers with better experiences.The next time you need to get a new update or feature out to your customers, you can do it at cloud speed. Our IBM and VMware solutions make sure that you will have an integrated hybrid approach and are built to support new business models more quickly. You can make use of a mix of hybrid cloud and automation to support agile development for new apps, with continuous improvements.

Our clients are using IBM and VMware solutions to create innovative apps that make their customers’ lives easier.

So if you haven’t already, add IBM and VMware to your personal lexicon of perfect pairings. Like dropping the word hypervisor frequently at stuffy dinner parties.

Learn more about IBM and VMware solutions this week at the VMworld conference.

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