Hadoop cluster up and running in minutes!

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Several months back we embarked on a mission, to create a new Hadoop-as-a-service built cloud-first with a goal for on-demand provisioning of multi-node Hadoop clusters in just a few mins. This effort has culminated in the form of a new service on IBM Bluemix: IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop for Bluemix: Basic. The Beta is now live!

What is IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop for Bluemix: Basic?

IBM BigInsights is an industry standard Apache Hadoop offering that offers powerful in-Hadoop bigdata & analytics features. IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop is a service on IBM Bluemix and available under two different service plans: Enterprise and Basic. The Basic service plan provides a nimble model for creating and using Hadoop clusters for analytics. Users have the ability to provision a Hadoop cluster within a few minutes. The clusters run on the IBM Open Platform with Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop v4.2. The Basic service plan also offers a cost effective pricing model with an instance-hour charge metric (free access during Beta)

What is so cool about IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop for Bluemix?

  • Simple yet powerful: In just a few clicks you could spin a multi-node hadoop cluster that is provisioned in just a few minutes. It is based on the IBM Open Platform with Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop v4.2. You could run Spark and map-reduce jobs using the SSH console, Oozie workflow or leverage Apache Hadoop REST APIs.
  • Truly Elastic: Ability to scale the cluster up/down at will. For the Beta, cluster size is limited to a max of 5 data nodes, this will be augmented when we GA the service.
  • Object Store Support: You could now run jobs against data on Bluemix ObjectStore or SoftLayer ObjectStore. With the ability to move data between HDFS and the ObjectStore, you could now back-up HDFS data to the ObjectStore.

For feedback/queries, please reply to this post or post your question on Stack Overflow with tags #ibm-bluemix and #biginsights. This is just the beginning, we look forward to hear from you for us to further improve the service!

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