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IBM Containers Now Available in Bluemix Local and Bluemix Dedicated

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As of May 23rd IBM Bluemix Container Service now provides a native Kubernetes operations experience while removing the burden of maintaining master nodes. Kubernetes itself is based on the Docker engine for managing software images and instantiating containers. Get the details.

IBM is proud to announce the availability of IBM Containers within IBM Bluemix Local and IBM Bluemix Dedicated instances beginning August 30, 2016. IBM Containers is a fully managed Containers as a Service (CaaS) offering built on open-source Docker technology. The experience begins for users with deploying their first container or pushing an existing image to their private, hosted registry; all using native Docker CLI and APIs ensuring an easy transition to IBM Containers and portability of all Docker images and Dockerfiles.

See the post “IBM Containers Launch in London” to learn about all of the enterprise-grade capabilities we’ve added to the open-source Docker technology as well as how to get started with IBM Containers capabilities in the public cloud.

What is IBM Bluemix?

Bluemix was announced in June 2014 as the IBM Cloud platform, providing users with a variety of compute choices as well as over 140 IBM and third party services. Each compute choice is built on open standards, from Cloud Foundry to Docker Containers to OpenStack Virtual Machines to OpenWhisk. See “Bluemix OpenWhisk, Instant Runtimes, Containers or Virtual Servers?” to learn about your compute choices.

What is Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local?

IBM values choice for our customers, that’s why IBM offers different cloud options so our customers can build an optimal solution for their particular use case. In addition to the multi-tenant, shared resources, public cloud offering that supports each of the compute choices, there are two other delivery models for Bluemix:

  • Bluemix Dedicated: This delivery model is a single-tenant Bluemix instance running in an IBM DataCenter. This offering was announced in November 2014.
  • Bluemix Local: This delivery model is a single-tenant Bluemix instance running on your hardware in your datacenter, but still a fully managed cloud service provided by IBM. This was announced in October 2015.

A more comprehensive explanation of these models and examples are available in the solution guide “Building a hybrid cloud with Bluemix“.

Today we are making IBM Containers available in the two delivery models above, Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local. Contact your IBM sales representative to get started today! In the meantime, you’re welcome to get started immediately with Bluemix Public:


Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Kubernetes Service & IBM Container Registry

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