Best of Bluemix: Clojure, NodeBB, HA/DR, and ballpark rain delays

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best of bluemixThis post regularly showcases some of the best new Bluemix tutorials, videos, and other content published each week on developerWorks. Here are some of the most popular items we recently rolled out…

  • Build a Bluemix app that rocks – in 10 minutes!: Yep, you read that right – 10 minutes! Javier Barabas teaches you how to create a fully functional Bluemix app quickly and easily, a graphic word cloud of the most commonly used words on Twitter. He uses a Node-RED app that makes it easy to understand how he does it. And you can then use the same procedure to demonstrate the power of Bluemix to others.
  • Write a Clojure web app on Bluemix: Ready to give functional programming a try? Ori Pomerantz can help you start writing web applications in Clojure. This tutorial shows you how to use Node.js to run Clojure programs as part of Bluemix web apps. And because they run on Bluemix servers, your apps will benefit from better performance and higher availability.
  • Deploy a modern forum with Bluemix and NodeBB: So you want to create your own forum, but not just any forum — it needs to be blazing fast, modern, and user friendly. IBMers Jay Allen and Dennis Harrison describe how they used NodeBB forum software to set up a forum and host it on Bluemix. And they explain how, in five easy steps, you too can get your own forum (backed by a Redis database) up and running fast. Plus, you can enable NodeBB to work with Bluemix or any other Cloud Foundry installation.
  • Provide high availability and disaster recovery in IBM Bluemix: With all applications deployed in the cloud, users want to know how they can ensure that their apps continue running even in a disaster. And Bluemix is no exception. Eduardo Patrocinio and Kyle Brown take an in-depth look at high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), and explain how HA and DR solutions can be implemented for apps running in Bluemix Local and Dedicated, as well as runtimes and services in all Bluemix platforms.
  • Create a baseball-themed app powered by Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix and DBpedia: If you’re going to learn how to create apps, why not have fun doing it? Carmine DiMascio taps into his love for baseball to create an app that uses Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix to provide weather data and other information about Major League Baseball parks. He takes an in-depth look at Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix, and shows you how to use React.js to build the app, and SPARQL to collect images and information about each ballpark from the DBpedia API. (Editor’s note: Go Red Sox!)

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