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Now, get even more weather data in Bluemix!

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IBM and The Weather Company

Weather affects everything on Earth: the delay of a space launch, the crop yield of apples in New England or the fact that “Acts of God” are not covered by standard insurance policies. Weather events have traditionally been something you just deal with and pick up the pieces after the fact. Today, of course, we still cannot control the weather but with the advancements in weather data technology and atmospheric science, we can predict, plan and prepare not just by knowing when to take an umbrella with us, but also with better informed risk management, precision agricultural practices, and even, reduction of long-term environmental impact on our planet.

In 2014, the US economy alone lost nearly 50 BILLION dollars in sales and 76,000 jobs because of weather.

The companies that survive and thrive will be the ones that move from a cope-and-avoid mindset to instead anticipate-and-execute. But too often, it has been a challenge for companies to access highly precise and accurate weather data that’s fast and easy to integrate into their business systems.

The most trusted name in weather

Since 1978, The Weather Company has grown to become the leading provider of global weather observations and forecasts to consumers and industry. It delivers:

  • Precision – Enabled by its worldwide network of weather stations, The Weather Company’s coverage is 100 times greater than publicly available sources down to a 500-meters square resolution.
  • Accuracy – The Weather Company forecast data is rated number one in accuracy for one- to three-day forecasts, thanks to some of the best scientists in the world.
  • Speed – The Weather Company delivers forecast updates at an unprecedented rate using its world-class cloud-based delivery platform – every 15 minutes for up to 2.2 billion locations worldwide.

Weather Data Statistics data now available for use in your apps!

Weather Data Logo As a contemporary developer you take advantage of Platform as a Service – such as IBM Bluemix – to develop your apps fast. You want your data and functionality accessible at your fingertips from trusted, published services on the platform.

Introducing The Weather Company Data for IBM Bluemix: A significant upgrade to what was previously available as Insights for Weather service in Bluemix. It is a rich set of APIs for accessing highly accurate, highly precise weather data from the most trusted name in the industry, delivered at very high performance within your familiar Bluemix framework.

The APIs allow you to access recent weather observations and weather prediction models including data sets such as daily weather forecasts, wind speed and direction, extended forecasts, weather alerts, daily almanac, and much more.

You can start getting value from the service now. The revised pricing plan now includes lower price, more consumption tiers, and overage—instead of hard limits—for each tier limit.

Behind the simplicity that you desire, this service will always provide you with world class data and prediction models, delivered to you from a high performance and scalable platform. And that is the power of The Weather Company and IBM Bluemix coming together.

Start harnessing the power of weather data in your application today. Click here to start!

Learn more about The Weather Company Data for Bluemix

See the video below to see a technical deep dive on how to use the service.

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