What’s new in IBM Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Bluemix?

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If you are implementing a hybrid cloud architecture, you will need a secure communication channel between your private on-premises data center and your IBM Bluemix cloud resources. The IBM Virtual Private Network service provides this secure connectivity; all that’s required is an IPsec-compatible VPN gateway in your on-premise data center for establishing secure connectivity with IBM VPN service.

The following enhancements are now available for the IBM VPN service:

Added support for SHA256

Securing data is of utmost importance to organizations that transfer sensitive business data over the public Internet. The IBM VPN service now extends support for the secure SHA256 hash algorithm to provide greater protection against collision attacks and to improve data integrity.

Enhanced user experience

The graphical user interface of the IBM VPN service is further enriched to provide superior provisioning and monitoring experience to customers.

  • Easily add remote subnets by using the Enter key instead of selecting the Plus (+) sign.
  • After the initial provisioning of the VPN site connection, the configuration page will auto-refresh a few times for up to one minute to reflect the most up-to-date state of the VPN connection.
  • Help texts, in the form of tooltips, are added to guide you while you configure the service.
  • View the pre-shared key as plain text during the initial configuration.
  • More checks are added in the software to avoid service misconfiguration due to human error.

Improved monitoring

Traffic monitoring graphs can now be viewed for the last 1 hour, 2 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours.

Want to learn more?

For more information about the IBM VPN service, see Deploying Hybrid Cloud using IBM Virtual Private Network Service (blog), Getting started with IBM VPN (official docs), or the following video Brief Overview of IBM VPN Service for Bluemix:

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