A Simple Publish / Subscribe Data Integration Model

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The basic model of web and mobile is request and response. The user makes a request, using his or her browser or app to view content (data) by clicking on a link. The server that has the data sends a response back to the user with the text of the document. The request-response model is great for its intended purpose of delivering static, or relatively static data on request, but today, users demand interactive apps that stream event-driven data. This is where the request-response model falls short.

Streaming data in real-time efficiently with publish / subscribe

When developing an app on IBM Bluemix, consider how a simple and effective publish / subscribe integration model can benefit your app. A publish / subscribe integration model can deliver efficient streaming data so that end users consume data in realtime.

This short video looks at rest vs. publish / subscribe and demonstrates how to create a simple publisher and subscriber on IBM Bluemix with Reappt, realtime messaging for streaming data over the internet

Want to get started with Reappt on IBM Bluemix? Watch the short video on how to get started or check out the blog Reappt on Bluemix: Reactive Applications with Extreme Speed and Scale.

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