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Enable incident and maintenance email notification

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EmailUpdated: December 22, 2016.
The Bluemix Team is always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience whether it is creating new powerful services or making improvements to the overall Bluemix platform. Our developers have been working hard to develop various new communication functions for our customers.

How to opt-in to support email notifications

Today, we are pleased to announce new functionality that enables you to be notified through email about any public region (US South, EU-GB, and AU-SYD) incidents and maintenance that affects the Bluemix platform infrastructure. By default, you must opt-in to receive these email notifications.

To enable these notifications, complete these steps:

  1. Log into Bluemix.
  2. Click Account and select Notifications.
  3. Select the Platform tab.
  4. Select the email option for Incidents, Planned maintenance, or both and click Save.

The changes will be automatically saved to your profile and will remain in effect until you change them again.

  • August 2016: If an incident or platform maintenance affects more than one region, you will receive a single, combined email message for all affected regions instead of a separate email message for each affected region.
  • This communication system will alert you by email of the initial incident or maintenance notification. Any updates to the incident or maintenance will be available on the Bluemix Status Page.
  • This initial release of the communication functionality communicates incident and maintenance information for the Bluemix platform. However, it does not communicate this information for services or buildpacks that run on the platform. We have existing communication methods to alert you to incident, maintenance, security, and announcement notifications for the both the platform and its IBM services.

Bluemix Status page and RSS feed

In addition to the new email communication functionality, you can periodically view the Bluemix Status Page to see a listing of all of our incident, maintenance, security, and announcement notifications. Maintenance notifications are typically published 24 hours prior to a disruptive change.

Additionally, you can sign up to get an RSS feed of all of these notifications. On our Bluemix Status Page, which was referenced previously, click the RSS icon next to Updates. Use a built-in browser RSS reader or a separate RSS reader application to view the feed.

Notifications through IBM Bluemix Support on Twitter

We also publish maintenance and announcement notifications to our @IBMBluemixHelp on Twitter (previously known as @IBMCloudSupport).

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