Managing Digital Media in the Cloud

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There are more options than ever before when it comes to consuming video media—OTT (over-the-top) streaming services, video on demand, and social media platforms to name a few. Through these new delivery channels, an overwhelming amount of consumer behavior data is being created as well. Behind the scenes of this new wave of media consumption, there are cloud solutions to manage digital media from creation to delivery.

Customizing the media experience

Since there are many channels and devices that consumers use to engage with media, providers have had to adjust. No longer are the cable network prime time advertisements the only way to reach consumers. Along with advertising, content providers are looking at new ways to customize media experiences to differentiate and keep their consumers coming back for more.

By 2018, 75 percent of TV-style content will be watched through application-based services in mature markets. Customers Behaviors Are Evolving, Gartner

Data and analytics are the key to this transformation. One company who focuses on helping media providers with their customers’ insights is RSG Media. Using Bluemix services dashDB and Cloudant, RSG Media developed a database environment that aggregates and analyzes the vast amount of consumer data generated by content providers, social media, video on demand and more. Integrated with Watson analytics, insights and analysis can help media and entertainment companies customize media experiences based on data, and therefore keep consumers engaged with media they are interested in and tailored advertising.

Deliver content anywhere, anytime

Lines are continuing to blur between content creators and content distributors in the media industry. Traditional content creators that would distribute through TV networks are now in the business of streaming their content directly to the consumer. In reverse, OTT services are now creating their own content, such as Netflix Original Series (think Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, which have both been successful series so far). These shifts in the industry are altering the way that new media is released to consumers, and the cycle at which new content is distributed. The age of “TV binging” an entire season of a series on the day it is released is now a reality.

With this shift- cloud infrastructure is at a whole new level of importance. The ability to transport media at a global scale, host it locally to your consumers to lower data latency, and the ability to support a large number of viewers at the same time all rely on having a supportive infrastructure network. Afrostream, a subscription based video-on-demand service that provides local and international African and African American movies and TV series, has transformed the way they transfer digital content globally from production, to encoding/transcoding and delivery to their consumers. To do this, they worked with SoftLayer and Aspera video services to reduce their content turnaround from 3 days to only 12 hours.

As the media and entertainment industry continues to evolve- so will your cloud story. Check out our IBM Cloud solutions for digital media.

IBM Cloud solutions for digital media

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