Bluemix Mobile, Part 1: Creating a Store Catalog application

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As a developer, you probably want to spend your time writing code, not setting up services. That’s where the IBM Bluemix Mobile dashboard comes in: Simply pick a Starter project that best matches what you’re building, and either customize it with our UI Builder or get the native source code and keep on building. With the Mobile dashboard, you can create and manage your mobile projects in Bluemix, and access everything that you need for your application, all in one place.

Mobile interface gif

Using Bluemix Mobile, you can go from an idea to a native mobile application in minutes.

In this blog series, you learn how to use the mobile services available in Bluemix:

Create a Mobile Store Catalog application

Click the Try Bluemix button to get started.

Follow these steps to create a Store Catalog application for iOS:

Go to the Mobile area of Bluemix and ensure that you are in a free space that you have ownership of or can create content.

Bluemix Mobile getting-started

Click the Create Project button.

Bluemix Mobile Create Project Screen

Select the Store Catalog Starter: Bluemix Mobile provides a predefined set of Starters to choose from to build a mobile application. These group of Starters provide solutions to a variety of common business problems helping expedite development.

Bluemix Mobile Starter Application Screen

Add capabilities to your project: Add Bluemix Mobile services at the click of a button.

Bluemix Mobile Store Catalog Capabilities

Design the application: Add new screens, use visual tools to select screen and layout types, and customize the project by adding your own colors and images. This blog series just uses the default design.

Bluemix Mobile UI Builder

Get the source code for iOS Swift and read accompanying README to install dependencies: Bluemix Mobile generates native code for iOS and Android. In Part 2 of this series, you see how to integrate the backend into an iOS application.

Bluemix Store mobile catalog

Run the Store Catalog application in Xcode: After you download the Store Catalog application, you can easily run the project in Xcode.

xcode for mobile application preview

You’ve just created an application using Bluemix Mobile!

Next steps

In Part 2, you will extend the capability of the Store Catalog application by integrating it into a custom Bluemix backend using API Connect as a single point of REST integration with the Cloudant NoSQL DB and Object Storage services to store data and images respectively.

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