Blue Box Cloud: Four industry perspectives, one hybrid vision

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IBM Blue Box provides an enterprise-grade, managed Private Cloud as a Service platform powered by OpenStack. Whether we deliver globally on dedicated SoftLayer infrastructure or locally in our clients’ data center of choice, we can address the unique requirements of our clients to compliment their hybrid cloud strategy.

Our Cloud Matters video series features four industry thought leaders — all are vital to the success of IBM Blue Box clients. Watch the following videos to see their views on enterprise cloud adoption, open source technology, and hybrid use cases by industry.


People are ready to go and ready to use this technology.Jesse Proudman, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Blue Box CTO

Jesse Proudman, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Blue Box CTO, discusses private cloud and its role for the enterprise, including:

  • How Delivery as a Service has changed the landscape.
  • The benefit of leveraging SoftLayer global data centers to unify a platform.
  • IBM’s support for hybrid cloud technology.


Open source projects continue to evolve and change more rapidly than they ever have before.Ed Saipetch, IBM Blue Box Senior Director of the Office of the CTO

Ed Saipetch, IBM Blue Box Senior Director of the Office of the CTO, introduces the questions surrounding open source for the enterprise, including:

  • Why enterprises should care about open source.
  • What types of industries are looking into private cloud solutions.
  • The debates surrounding how to consume open source software.


It’s hard to imagine a world without open source.Duncan Johnston-Watt, Cloudsoft Founder and CEO

Duncan Johnston-Watt, Cloudsoft Founder and CEO and IBM Blue Box client and partner, describes the benefits of collaborative technology, including:

  • The interest in hybrid as a business tool.
  • Why open source has become a lifeblood for technologists.
  • How foundations can help in open source environments.

Learn how IBM Blue Box is helping to support Cloudsoft’s hybrid cloud initiatives and running its flagship product, Application Management Platform (AMP), in our recently published client success story.


The IDC projects that 80{07c2b926d154bd5dc241f595a572d3349d41d98f2484798a4a616f4fafe1ebc0} of enterprises are pursuing and investing in hybrid technology.André Bearfield, Senior Director of Product at Blue Box Group

André Bearfield, Senior Director of Product at Blue Box Group, explores all things hybrid, including:

  • The best question he continues to hear from new users.
  • What industries are a good fit for hybrid cloud.
  • Why there’s not a single use-case for hybrid — there are many.

Learn more about IBM Blue Box and our latest features in the post Blue Box Cloud delivers latest and greatest to you – No effort required.

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