Best of Bluemix: blockchain, mobile security, stray dogs, and smart toothbrushes

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best of bluemixHere are some of the most popular and noteworthy new tutorials published recently on developerWorks. (Special thanks to Chris Rothemich for allowing me to take the reins here – big shoes to fill!)

  • Blockchain basics: If you haven’t heard about blockchain, you probably will soon. This business transaction ledger is likely to revolutionize the way organizations do business. Authors Sloane Brakeville and Bhargav Perepa introduce you to business ledgers and show you how a blockchain network operates, what makes it unique, and how IBM is helping to advance the technology. They also provide a handy glossary and a set of use cases so you can see which industries may be the first to really capitalize on this technology.
  • Enhance mobile application security with Bluemix Mobile Services: Mobile application developers are always thinking about security, and in this two-part tutorial, you’ll learn how to use two core Bluemix Mobile services — Mobile Client Access and IBM Push Notifications — to create a secure, cross-platform mobile app. In Part 1, you’ll quickly create a mobile back end on Bluemix and connect it to a cross-platform mobile application built using StrongLoop and Node.js. Part 2 shows you how to extend and modify the Bluemix back end so that you can securely send broadcast push messages to registered devices using custom Node.js code.
  • Refactoring to microservices: No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about microservices — but what are they and why should you care about them? This three-part series answers those questions and explains why you’d want to migrate your applications to microservices. Part 1 introduces some key reasons for restructuring your code to a microservices-based approach. Part 2 explores the kinds of problems you can solve by refactoring your data with microservices. And Part 3 gives you a four-phase roadmap for moving your apps from a monolith to a set of microservices.
  • Build a mobile web app for assisting stray dogs: In this two-part tutorial, Vikram Vaswani shows you how to use Bluemix, PHP, and developerWorks Premium benefits to develop a mobile app that enables people to report homeless animals in distress. Part 1 introduces you to the stray-dog assistance app and shows you how to build an interface for reporting injured strays, complete with photos and GPS locations. Part 2 walks you through the process of building a search interface for the app and using Google Maps to map reports to actual street addresses.
  • How Grush built a smart toothbrush using the IoT architecture in the IBM Cloud Architecture Center: Parents, you gotta love this! Startup company Grush built a smart toothbrush for kids that captures real-time data and gamifies the otherwise mundane process of tooth brushing. Grush used IBM Bluemix and an Internet of Things architecture to create a cloud-based app that gathers data about a child’s brushing habits and shows the child, in real time, which teeth they didn’t brush. Meanwhile, another dashboard for parents let them monitor progress and provide support.

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