Welcome to the Bluemix Garage Toronto

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One year ago, the IBM Bluemix Garage Toronto opened its doors. The Bluemix Garage is a consultancy that empowers our clients, large and small, to think like startups and move at cloud speed. Like the other Garages in San Francisco, London, Nice, and Melbourne, we are located in a creative, dynamic startup space: The DMZ at Ryerson University, recently named the #1 university business incubator in North America.

IBM Bluemix Garage Toronto

The Garage team in Toronto is a talented group of designers, architects, and developers. We work with clients to help them build the right app for their business, create delightful experiences for their customers, and do it faster than they thought possible. We use IBM Design Thinking and Extreme Programming (XP), and all of our solutions are powered by Bluemix.

Since joining the Garage as a developer, I have had the pleasure of working with client teams, including product owners, developers, and designers. We have built new applications from the ground up, and integrated existing systems in their data centers with new experiences built on the cloud. I have learned about their businesses, and they have learned about Bluemix, the latest Web and mobile technologies, and XP practices like user story mapping, pair programming, and test-driven development. Projects usually take a month or less, and the experience is always transformative.

Being located in a startup space, one of our objectives is to find new opportunities to work with, share with, and learn from the startups around us. To that end, we recently hosted an event at the DMZ, to share information about the work we are doing here and about the different ways IBM works with startups in Canada. The Garage team was joined by Andrew Safranko, from the IBM Canada Startup Office, and Amir Motahari and Saif Abid, from a local health-tech startup called SwiftPad, which has built analytics, big data, and cognitive solutions on Bluemix.

IBM for Startups: Amir Motahari and Saif Abid from SwiftPad

The room was packed with entrepreneurs from the DMZ and the broader startup community, all eager to learn about how IBM can help them build their businesses.

Enterprise or startup, the Bluemix Garage can help you. To learn more, please visit And look for more posts from me and my teammates. We are excited to share more about what we’re building and learning in the Garage!

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