See how Service Proxy works (video)

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As we continue to make Bluemix services easier to use and understand we have begun publishing a set of short “Show Me” videos on to illustrate to our users the how a given service works in simple, easy to understand terms. We recently released Why you should use Service Proxy and below shows how it works:


  • Maureen – In the previous video, Service Proxy helped Maureen, our target frustrated DevOps professional (0:00)
  • Now we are going to go a step deeper into how Service Proxy works to help Maureen (0:13)
  • Maureen is splitting her app into 3 microservices – Web UI, Inventory, and Database (0:20)
  • How Service Discovery registers Inventory microservices (0:36)
  • How Web UI can call Inventory microservice without Service Proxy, using only Service Discovery (0:52)
  • How Web UI can utilize Service Proxy to call Inventory microservice for automated load balancing and monitoring (1:12)
  • How Maureen can utilize Service Proxy to test recovery of a network delay failure with the Inventory microservice (1:30)
  • How Maureen can utilize Service Proxy to test recovery of a random network failure with the Inventory microservice (1:48)
  • How to get started with Service Proxy (2:00)

As we continue to make Service Proxy an important foundational service for developers creating microservices, we appreciate your feedback. You can submit suggestions to IBM Bluemix Ideas, ask questions on Stack Overflow (#bluemix), dW Answers, or just contact me directly at


The Service Discovery service has been retired from the Bluemix Catalog.  Please see the announcement blog post [ ] to learn more about the retirement and Amalgam8, our new open source microservice project that will be succeeding these services.

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