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Moni is your virtual assistant that allows you to voice control your business with Voice Channels. Voice Channels are trigger patterns that Moni listens to. They can be built visually with Node-RED on Bluemix.

So why do you need a Voice Channel?

Example scenario for Voice Channels

Assume you are a manager or member of the board of your company. You need to fulfill a variety of complex tasks. In addition to that you need to stay up to date regarding the concerns of your business. Many of these daily tasks require multiple steps. Information is gathered from different media. In this case you can easily create Voice Channels for those tasks. You are then able to access the required information instantly.

Dialog between you, company CEO, and Moni

  • CEO: “How many new users signed up our service today?”
  • Moni: “We have 2,354 new subscribers today” [performing a database query]
  • CEO: “Tell me trending news on our business”
  • Moni: “Top manager of Acme fired” [searching headlines for company name using IBM Alchemy news API]
  • CEO: “What is the news sentiment today?”
  • Moni: “Sentiment analysis shows me that news are bad”
  • CEO: “What are our revenues for last month?”
  • Moni: “$20M – +5% year over year” [connecting to accounting]
  • CEO: “Are there any open inquiries?”
  • Moni: “Yes, John Doe requests ‘I like to order 20 machines’” [connecting to CRM system]
  • CEO: “Send out information package”
  • Moni: “Please give me the email address of the recipient” [will automatically store information in the CRM system and send out a predefined information package to the recipient]

Using, you are able to define shortcuts to these daily tasks and get information on your business or perform actions by just saying what you want. This way Moni enables you to implement business processes and perform business analytics. You are basically able to voice control your business. Voice Channels

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