Announcing IBM Access Trail Beta Released on Bluemix Public

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Security professionals need an easy way to gain visibility into their Cloud ecosystems in order to detect and investigate anomalies for possible security breaches or unauthorized access. IBM has added a new service to help monitor security within your IBM cloud, IBM Access Trail. This new service is now available as a beta offering on Bluemix Public.

Security strategies have shifted

Security event response has shifted from “blocking the unknown” perimeter defense strategy (building an IT security moat around the enterprise castle) to “blocking the known”, which assumes that the bad guys are already there, so you must quickly find them within your infrastructure and stop them. API Call monitoring is a proven technique in monitoring cloud security. Once a security issue is detected resulting from unusual API activity, the business exposure is limited to how quickly the specific API associated with the breach can be identified and shut down.

IBM Access Trail captures and records API call logs made by users and applications within the IBM Cloud. In a single place, security system administrators can now gain visibility into API call activities on their cloud platform runtimes and services. Within a single UI management console, API Calls logs are collected then stored for filtering, monitoring, and archiving.

Why use IBM Access Trail?

  • When monitoring API Call logs one may establish a benchmark of daily activity which can be called a “Proactive Security Benchmark”. Security administrators will be able to detect when abnormalities occur. Immediate investigation of these deviations from the benchmark can assist in detecting security intrusions or unauthorized access requests.
  • Maintaining an API Call log data repository provides for on-demand access to support:
    — Data security compliance audits
    — Investigation of cyber security incidents
    — Forensic analysis
    — Establishing benchmarks for user behavior patterns

IBM Access Trail Features

  • Cloud platform and services API calls are automatically captured across the extended IBM cloud environment and recorded into a single data repository
  • Customize the configuration for viewing API call events by various log attributes within a single UI management console
  • API Call log monitoring delivers an operational metric which provides security administrators visibility into abnormal activity which can help identify security incidents, detect unauthorized access, and establish benchmarks for user behavior patterns
  • Export API Call log files to a legacy or third party SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution for extensive security analysis
  • Maintain an API Call logs database to support on-demand access

Start today!

IBM Access Trail is available as a no charge service on Bluemix Public. Look for it in the Bluemix Public catalog under the Security section in the US South (Dallas) location.

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