Getting Loaded FAST with IBM dashDB and Aspera

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One of the biggest challenges of loading data in the cloud is the speed and reliability of the network between you and where your data lives in the cloud.

dashDB load HTTPS only

Your data has to travel over one or more public networks to get to your dashDB instance. This can consume a considerable amount of time, and that’s assuming the data transfer is going to be successful. Data loss from network hiccups or outages, and subsequent retries just makes matters even worse. So what can you do?

dashDB Load from Desktop — Supercharged by Aspera!

We’ve seamlessly integrated Aspera fast file transfer with our data loading functionality to give you a fast, safe, and reliable way to get your data into dashDB.

dashDB load Aspera vs HTTPS

Using Aspera’s patented FASP technology, we can improve the speed of your data transfer by up to hundreds of times compared to traditional HTTP. Your data arrives complete and error-free – even when the network isn’t – because of integrity checks that use a 128-bit MD5 cryptographic hash function and automatic retries in failure scenarios. And there’s 128-bit AES encryption to keep your mission critical data secure during the transfer.

Want to see what Aspera can do for you? Check out this side-by-side comparison of loading data into dashDB with and without Aspera: Load from Desktop: Supercharged with IBM Aspera.

Want to experience how fast it can work for you? Try it out yourself as a free BETA in dashDB.

It’s dead simple to use from our Load from Desktop option. Just install the free plug-in, select Aspera as your transfer mechanism, and load your data as usual. That’s it!

If you need some extra help, check out these developerWorks demos and tutorials:

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