IoT Foosball Tour Continues to SXSW Interactive

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The infamous IoT Foosball Table has been refreshed, redesigned, and was the highlight of Dev @ InterConnect‘s demo area.  Our mission to showcase Bluemix, Node-RED, Cloudant, and most importantly Watson IoT connectivity, was a success. Not to mention causing some heated battles during happy hour, with players demonstrating some champion-level foosball techniques.  I had the opportunity to chat with Stefania Kaczmarczyk and Oliver Rodriguez who led the effort to refresh the project.  I find out what is most interesting under the hood, and what is planned for SXSW as the tour continues.

Oliver Rodriguez (@Heres__Ollie), a NA Cloud Technical Evangelist for IBM, walks us through the table’s functionality, and how the team utilized Node-RED to create “magic”:

Stefania Kaczmarczyk (@stefania_kaz) is a Cloud Technology Evangelist with IBM, and we spoke about Watson IoT Platform, and how it was utilized for the the cloud-based table:

What’s Next?

The table will continue its US tour and making its way to SXSW in Austin next week.  For badge holders, come by the Hilton and look for the IBM area to play a game.  We’ll see you there showcasing @foosbuzz , the IoT Foosball table of the future.

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