Inauguration of the Bluemix Garage de Nice

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Nice Garage Opening

On Monday, IBM announced the opening of a new Bluemix Garage in Nice. France. The day after an event was organized at the Bluemix Garage. Working in Sophia-Antipolis, a nearby city, I attended the event.

The Bluemix Garage is established in the Business Incubator Center Nice Côte d’Azur (Centre Européen d’Entreprises et d’Innovation), the largest incubator in the area. This is where the event took place. An ideal location surrounded by many startups.

The room was full; more than a hundred people showed up including local startups, small and medium enterprises, large companies, business partners, school representatives.

Matt Waldbusser talks about Bluemix and Design Thinking
Matt Waldbusser talks about Bluemix and Design Thinking

Roger Williams and Matt Walbusser – respectively in charge of the European and world-wide Bluemix Garage and services – described how a garage works, how clients and developers can engage with the Bluemix Garage and how to use the garage to kick start the innovation cycle, disrupt their market. The IBM Design Thinking method was also detailed. The method was well received by the audience and many were already thinking about how to implement this in their company.

Inspiring client testimonials

The afternoon started with client testimonials. They gave inspiring talks about how they leveraged Bluemix and the Garage services.

I had the opportunity to discuss with several attendees. One was a startup using Bluemix to deploy their web app and enrolled in the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. They don’t want to manage any infrastructure and want to focus on delivering value to their users, Bluemix gives them the perfect environment to do just that.

Talking with an attendee from a large company, it was the Design Thinking method that strikes them as something they could benefit from. Every company wants to innovate but how to get started, how to break the existing cultural and organisational barriers. The Garage can help here by organising and running Design Thinking workshops.

The Garage team was also demoing applications built on Bluemix with Mobile services like Mobile Quality Assurance, IBM Watson cognitive services and IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Watson Demo
IBM Watson cognitive services

IoT Demo
IBM Watson IoT Platform

It was a fruitful day, full of positive thoughts about how the Garage can help deliver great solutions. Thank you to all the attendees for the interactions and to the IBM team for hosting the event. Living on the Côte d’Azur, fifteen kilometers away from Nice, I’m excited about the upcoming projects the Garage has planned. You can be sure I’ll pass by from time-to-time to check on you guys 🙂

French Riviera, on the road to Nice
French Riviera, on the road to Nice

Offering Manager - IBM Cloud

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