IBM Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Public Beta Available on Bluemix

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Irrespective of how big or how small your business is, it’s no secret that your business brand value will go down if your business application and/or portal is served slowly with performance and availability issues, leading to the loss of customer faith and loss of revenue.

Is your business application and/or portal suffering with performance and availability issues?

If the answer to the above questions is “maybe” or “yes”, then IBM has a solution for you. IBM has announced IBM Content Delivery Network (IBM CDN) Public beta program on Bluemix in February 2016.

IBM CDN provides the infrastructure for increased performance and availability of websites, applications, rich media including video and other content. IBM CDN can help businesses to improve the end user experience, which results in enhanced brand value and customer satisfaction leading to increased revenue.

As shown in the following diagram, if you use IBM CDN for storing your static and dynamic content, your end user request to your business applications will be instantaneous, because, the content will actually be served from the closest IBM CDN cache server located nearer to the end user:


IBM CDN is very easy and simple to use within IBM Bluemix. If you already have an existing Application running in Bluemix, simply follow three steps to enable the IBM CDN service for your application:

  • Provide your business application domain (e.g.,
  • Provide the hostname of your business application (e.g.,
  • Create a CNAME record in your DNS registry (e.g., CNAME

So, what do you waiting for? Get involved with IBM CDN public beta program today by visiting the service in the Bluemix catalog.

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