Treehacks: A Hacker’s Valentine

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This past Valentine’s weekend, 400 students gathered at Stanford University for 36 hours of pure innovation and hacking. Armed with endless snacks and caffeine, hackers quickly found a place to camp out and turn their ideas into reality.

The API fair started at 5PM, and a steady flow of students came by to explore the different platforms and hardware available for them to use. I manned the booth along with a fantastic team of IBMers, and introduced students to Bluemix through my Bluemix University Ambassador Program. Students that signed up for the program were treated to a mini-experience, in which they got to complete challenges to earn swag.

Hacking officially started at 11PM and Gayathri hosted a tech talk at midnight for students to learn about different project ideas on Watson IoT!

Gayathri presenting on Watson IoT. Photo Credit to JeanCarl Bisson.

Below is the more of the IBM team!

Part of the IBM team!

Team Recon: Best Use of Bluemix Winner

Team Recon built a pipeline for users to visually search for objects using a drone, simplified computer vision, and machine learning. They utilized IBM Watson in order to train a classifier for object recognition. Below is a photo of Team Recon with the IBM Bluemix judges:

Team Recon with our IBM Bluemix judges! Photo Credit to JeanCarl Bisson.

See a demo of their hack below!

Honorable Mentions

Below are other Bluemix submissions:

  • Airscribe – Transcribing is an integral part of the medical profession. It entails that a conversation between a patient and doctor be documented for future use. A manual task like chronicling a conversation is not only time consuming, but also prone to errors like “never events”. A solution to this problem was created in the form of Airscribe, an app that converts the voice recorded into text. Built in Python, this app uses Watson’s Speech to Text service. For more details, see Airscribe – smart audio transcriber for health professionals on Devpost.Team Airscribe
  • Sm:)e – While physical health has always been of concern, it’s equally important to keep oneself abreast of mental health. To be aware of one’s emotions over the course of days, weeks and months is a very effective way to ensure longevity. Smile is a mobile app that uses IBM Bluemix and Watson’s Relationship Extraction to draw a graph of your emotions, on a periodic basis. It also plays music, when one is detected low in spirits, and has the option to call a distress hotline in case of emergencies.
    Watch Sm:)e in action here!Team Smile
  • Sesame – This project utilized IBM Visual Recognition to train and test image classifiers in order to create a smart lock.
  • Instant Acuity – This app allows patients to quickly detect their visual acuity and for providers to check up on their patients. By utilizing IBM Bluemix Speech To Text, the app allowed for users to speak the letters they saw on screen, instead of manually entering them.

If this article has ticked off the itch in you to build apps yourself, then signup to Bluemix and get started! And of course check out the other TreeHacks 2016 submissions!

Lydia Huang, IBM Cloud University Ambassador
Neeraja Ganesan, IBM Cloud Technical Evangelist

Product Marketing Manager

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