Dev @ Interconnect 2016: Come for the sweet tech, stay for the awesomeness!

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Dev @ Interconnect

A couple of years back, IBM ran its first developer-focused event alongside Pulse 2014 entitled “Dev@Pulse”. One of the key features of this event was to give developers a space they could call their own, despite a much broader audience based event such a Pulse. The Dev@ zone was comprised of several activities, fun and engaging ways for developers to experience IBM Technologies in an environment that was comfortable for them. They also had the opportunity to hear from industry experts and leaders of various developer centric areas.

The event itself was held in the Hakasan nightclub in the MGM grand hotel and was a 15 minute walk from the main expo floor. This had its distinct advantages and disadvantages, however seeing developers have to run back to the main event after losing track of time was not something anybody wanted to continue to endure.

Recognizing the popularity of Dev@, it’s moved directly to the expo floor! This year’s Dev@InterConnect will include lightning labs and AMA stands.

Dev@Interconnect is the coolest place on the expo floor

In the tradition of making things bigger and better as time progresses; Dev@Interconnect is taking the best bits from the past two years and the lessons learned, transforming Dev@ into one of the best, and obviously, coolest place is on the expo floor.

What’s cooler than ‘Techtivities’? – Games with technology that allow you to explore ‘real world’ scenarios of the tech when applied to your industry. Or what’s cooler than having two awesome speakers: Author Amy Wilkinson and IBM Fellow Grady Booch? Free food, you say? Yeah – we got you covered too!

How are you going to spend your time with Dev@?

This year’s Dev@ space is broken down into two main principles:

  • Education
  • Entertainment.

All of the Dev@ elements are designed based around IBM’s cloud platform and you can experience individual aspects of this, broken down into six distinct areas:

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Watson
  • DevOps
  • Internet of Things
  • Security.

Learn, Ask, Try

For each of the above you will be able to learn, ask, and ultimately try – all from a developers perspective.

From the man area you’ll be able to discover what’s on the cusp of new technologies by listing to experts in the field to talk about their topics of knowledge. In the form of lightning talks, 15 minute talks from top engineers who’re passionate about their technology. They’ll jam pack your brain with their knowledge – you wont believe how quickly 15 minutes will fly by!

And if you’re able to cram it all in, you’ll have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with these experts. The ‘ask me anything’ areas in the Dev@ zone are where you can have one-on-one conversations. Whether that’s them demonstrating pieces of technology, talking you through something complex, showing you code, or whether that’s them using a white board make sure you fully understand.

With understanding comes a yearning to put it into action, and ultimately this will be when all you’ll want to do is try to these technologies! Dev@ will have set up an array of labs. You get 15 minutes of hands-on time, an expert, and you’re given a project to complete. This is done in a format that lets you feel you’ve accomplished something with your new found knowledge, but excited to learn more once you leave.

But before you do leave, you should hang around for the evening receptions, for games and craft beer. I’m sure there’s supposed to be a whole event going on around you on the expo floor, but really, why would you bother when Dev@ is clearly the only place to be?

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