Football’s Information Quarterback Powered by Watson

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Don’t understand a thing about football, and want to cheer (correctly) with the crowd? No problem!

Finally an app for newbies is on the horizon called Nubee. Winning the recent Girls in Tech’s Super Football App Challenge presented by ESPNw, the creators utilized IBM Watson to power a slick iOS app. Nubee helps you understand what is going on in a football game, so you never are left out of the game again.

Check out Girl’s in Tech’s sizzle reel with Sandy Carter:

I had the opportunity to interview the winning team earlier this month, and was able to find out how they conceptualized and built this first place app (in one weekend!). Read the full interview here, and check out the highlights below.

Highlights on how the team built “Nubee”

IBM Watson serves as the cognitive backbone to this app. Nubee reacts to realtime football play data, and finds the high impact keywords to serve-up on the UI. From the interview:

“It was hosted locally, I did a Python back end using Flask. It’s a really easy server frame work. In iOS we use Swift. We use the Alchemy text recognition API. The Alchemy Text API is amazing. It was really easy to set up. It took me no time to implement.” reports Lucas, iOS developer.

This fuels a unique user experience: As the UX Designer, Lily adds: “I know about half my friends don’t know about football. It’s great that our app color codes it. Green means it’s good so you know how to cheer, and red is bad so you know to boo.” It’s the “information quarterback for newbie football watchers” as Devon states.

This algorithm can power a variety of new experiences, even new apps. The team mentioned exploring other avenues, this app could power other subjects — politics, any type of sport, anywhere that needs explanation.

What’s next?

You can get on the waiting list for the iOS app that is currently in development. Check out their site It will be exciting to see a whole new well-informed football audience all because of cognitive cloud computing. Be sure to check out the Watson APIs and Bluemix yourself to build your next innovation.

Check out the Girls in Tech video of the winning moment at Galvanize SF.

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