Embracing hybrid cloud with IBM VPN service

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Hybrid cloud is the new norm in business IT. A recent survey (*) of 500 IT decision makers worldwide by IBM Center for Applied Insights revealed that organizations are increasingly integrating cloud resources with traditional IT to accommodate dynamic business priorities and drive product and service innovations. The survey also suggested that leading organizations are powering their digital transformation through hybrid cloud and reporting better business outcomes than others.

Cost reduction-from fixed IT to on-demand cloud services-and scalability to handle unpredictable traffic demand are generally considered as the two main motivators for cloud adoption. However, IBM study indicated that improving productivity has now become the number one goal as companies hope to offload some of their IT resources and management complexity to the cloud. A close second is improved security and risk reduction achieved with hybrid cloud by aptly moving some resources in cloud and leaving some in-house.

(*) Growing up hybrid: Accelerating digital transformation – IBM Center for Applied Insights

Workloads where they’re most efficient

Are you looking to gain competitive edge by going hybrid? Do you have workloads that can’t be transitioned completely to cloud? Do you want to be selective about which workloads stay in-house versus which move to cloud? Are you unclear about how your on-premises assets may be able to communicate with your cloud resources? Look no further.

Scale your application web-tier and secure data using IBM VPN service with IBM Bluemix cloud

As shown above, use IBM Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to build a secure communication channel between your on-premises data center and Bluemix public cloud.

Below is a brief overview video of the IBM VPN Service for Bluemix:

Note: The IBM VPN service currently allows for secure access to docker containers in Bluemix cloud. If you are looking to access Cloud Foundry Apps in Bluemix cloud, then use IBM Secure Gateway service.

To learn more about IBM VPN service, refer to links below:

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