Best of Bluemix: Moving the cloud for Java developers

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best of bluemix This post showcases some of the best new Bluemix tutorials, videos, courses, and other content published each week on developerWorks. Today I want to tell you about some great new resources to help Java developers on enterprise application servers make the move to the cloud.

  • Java EE, the next inception: A primer to WebSphere Liberty for Java EE developers: Is this happening to you? You’re familiar with some of the traditional on-premise Java EE application servers (like classic IBM WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic, JBoss, and so on), and now your organization is transitioning to the cloud. But the as-a-service versions of your platforms are similar-but-not-entirely to what you’re used to, and the cloud models are so dynamic that you’re never sure what builds to use, or what features will work, or even what to call things (Is it a profile? Is it a server?).If you’re finding this to-the-cloud learning curve frustrating, this tutorial series is for you! It was written to help flatten that learning curve by quickly getting you to the information you need on your journey from traditional WebSphere Application Server to WebSphere Liberty, and ultimately to Bluemix.

    IBM WebSphere Liberty is the next gen architecture of IBM WebSphere Application Server. Using the Liberty profile enables you to create more efficient runtimes for your Java EE applications, but to do that you have to understand how to configure this new runtime and optimize it for your needs. Part 1 introduces you to the Liberty architecture, explains its concepts, its advantages, and how it differs from older app server architectures. It also describes new kinds of tasks you’ll need to perform to customize Liberty for your requirements.

    Parts 2 and 3 cover:

  • Another great resource for Java developers moving to the cloud is Optimizing Java apps on IBM Cloud. This developerWorks course covers strategies for successfully planning and migrating on-premises Java apps to the cloud. See firsthand the benefits of developing, testing, and maintaining Java applications in Bluemix, and learn how you can enhance and enrich your Java applications by adding data and cognitive, aka Watson, services.

Get started with Bluemix on dW

dW has an entire section dedicated to Bluemix. Check out the Bluemix “hub” for more great how-to and introductory content on Bluemix, including quick-starts, a list of tutorials available for each Bluemix service, and more.

If you’re new to Bluemix, get started with Bluemix Fundamentals, a series of tutorials and videos that steps you through the basics of building, deploying, and managing your first app with Bluemix. Choose your favorite programming language (Node.js, PHP, or Java) and then learn how to:

  • Deploy your first app
  • Set up team collaboration and automated deployment
  • Add a DB service and other cloud services to your app

Each tutorial has a detailed outline of steps and a quiz at the end to test what you’ve learned.

Share your ideas!

Do you have ideas for Bluemix topics you’d like to see more of on developerWorks? We’d love to hear from you! Comment here or email me.

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