Developers in the Office Getting Coffee

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In a highly computerized world where everything can be done using a device connected to the internet and emotions are shared on social media, the new generations express the need of making the web-social world more human: we can leverage technology to start a process/an action but at the end we would like to interact with human beings.

Starting from this idea a small group of young developers created an application running on Bluemix and using Cloud Foundational Services that help people finding available friends for a meeting/a coffee. You can access the application with either your Facebook or Google+ credentials, and look for friends that are free in this very specific moment for a coffee, a walk or whatever you’re up to. Then you can select the friend(s), give them a call, arrange the meeting and get out of the technology world.

Behind the covers, the application has been rapidly developed relying on a few existing services:

  • SQL Database to store friends and their status
  • SDK for Node.js as runtime
  • Single Sign On to make the authentication with social networks
  • Continuous delivery pipeline to quickly get a DevOps environment
  • Active Deploy to shrink as much as possible application downtime upon code refresh.

Curious to have a look at it? Check out this fun video that illustrates its use case:

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