Relay 2015 – Bringing Cloud to the Enterprise

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Damion and Ram Keynote
Last week in New York City IBM hosted “Relay 2015,” a forum for sharing best practices, methodology and new tools and approaches that will help the enterprise drive pervasive impact around speed, innovation and bottom-line results.

The core of the event was really focused on two topics: 1) the technology needed to support a diverse set of enterprise requirements and 2) emerging patterns of design, delivery and app and distributed system architecture.

Bringing Cloud to the Enterprise via Relay

In his opening keynote Steve Robinson discussed the journey around both IBM Cloud and Bluemix.

Bluemix was first introduced in public cloud in February of 2014. That was followed by Bluemix Dedicated (off-prem, single-tenant cloud) in November 2014.

But from the very beginning the plan was also to deliver a model we called, “Local,” which is Bluemix delivered on customer infrastructure.

The concept was to deliver cloud across an integrated set of three deployment models so enterprises had more flexibility and entry points into cloud.

The core customer challenge of local cloud

John Rymer from Forrester shared some new research that talked about the rising interest in private, on-premises cloud, as well the associated operational challenges around that model.

While more than 90% of customers want to adopt cloud on-prem, for 75% of them it can take a month or longer to deliver a single update to internal platforms and infrastructure. That gap in the speed and confidence around operations and delivery represents a fundamental challenge with being successful with cloud on-prem.

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Introducing Relay

Through Relay we are able to deliver cloud on-prem, across both IaaS and PaaS, as a cloud service.

We have a single release process across all of these deployments so customers get all the benefits of a rigorous test and release cycle, with none of the hassle.

In addition, through the Bluemix console, both admins and developers can interact with a single view of the platform across deployment models, including the ability to manage updates, users and the services catalog.

A deeper dive on private cloud
Damion Heredia and Ram Vennam introduce and demo Bluemix Local, the console and Relay, and an app that leverages multiple deployment models and approved services across them.

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Expect more from private cloud
For a further look at on IBM’s on-prem cloud strategy across both IaaS and PaaS, Bala Rajaraman, Jesse Proudman and Jeff Brent talk about how we are not only making it easier than ever to work with both OpenStack and Cloud Foundry on-premises, but also bringing in a set of enterprise controls around visibility, governance and control into the admin console.

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Patterns of Adoption and Architecture in the Cloud

Getting Started with Bluemix

While it’s clear there are any number of reasons for moving to cloud – and strategic ways to approach that move – with this event we really focused on a few key ones.

Cloud Native and Microservices

In this discussion, Bala Rajaraman and Jason McGee discuss the emerging trends around cloud native architectures and microservices, and the associated evolution of enterprise culture and delivery.

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Additional talks that we’ll go into more depth around in future talks include Watson,Taking a risk and security based approach , Focusing on the data and Migrating and Extending Existing Enterprise Apps (WebSphere).

To view all of the content from the event, visit us on the IBM Cloud YouTube Channel and for more information about Bluemix, Relay and our approach to hybrid cloud, visit us on the web.

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