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ASP.NET 5 buildpack updates for beta8 support

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We just pushed out a new version of the ASP.NET 5 buildpack in Bluemix! The update allows you to run applications using the ASP.NET 5 beta8 release.

With the expanded .NET Core support for Linux in beta8, Mono is no longer needed and the buildpack provides the CoreCLR runtime instead.

Application changes required

Your applications now need to target a different framework. In the past the Bluemix ASP.NET 5 boilerplates were, for example, targeting “dnx451”. Now they need to target “dnxcore50”. Their project.json files have the following section:

<code>"frameworks": {
"dnxcore50": { }

Also the release announcements lists breaking ASP.NET 5 changes you may encounter.

Other buildpack improvements

The dnu publish command will package an application into a self-contained directory which can optionally even include the runtime.

The buildpack will now recognize published applications and skip restoring packages. If the runtime is present, it will also skip downloading it. Simply change to the bin/output directory that is created and push the application from there. For example:

<code>$ dnu publish
$ cd bin/output
$ cf push myapp</code>

This is not a performance improvement. It is generally much slower to upload all the application dependencies than it is to download them while the application is staging in Bluemix. It may be useful, however, as a way to create a build artifact that could be promoted through a deployment pipeline or if the application’s build requires dependencies not available in Bluemix.

Try the updated boilerplates

To see sample beta8 .NET Core applications checkout the updated boilerplates in the Bluemix Labs Catalog.

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