OpenStack Summit: Break into Cloud Computing with OpenStack-based Hybrid Cloud

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SESSION Oct 28th @ 5:30pm: Gazing into the Crystal Ball, market insights and futures with IBM

Corporate budgets are cutting down and CIO’s are getting pressured to cut down on CapEx and OpEx, and getting forced to move to Cloud. However, for established enterprises with age-old legacy systems, it’s next to impossible to move to Cloud haphazardly. Not to mention, but the sensitivity of data, security and compliance are significant challenges that many enterprises are still facing for successful adoption of cloud.

Hybrid That’s why customers are going after Hybrid Cloud to keep best of both world’s i.e. customer’s are willing to keep the existing legacy systems – and may be move some of the Legacy systems into local and/or dedicate clouds, and at the same time developing new applications targeted to deploy on public Cloud.

Playing well in the Public, Dedicated & Local Model is the key success for hybrid adoption. So customers are looking for vendors that can provide seamless/consistent Hybrid Cloud experience – and IBM is the only player in the marketplace that can provide true world class Hybrid Cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack technology.

Historically IBM has been a core contributor to the OpenStack community right from its inception, and recently IBM further extended its commitment to OpenStack with BlueBox acquisition. IBM is taking Hybrid to the next level, with hyper-scale efficiency and performance to a worldwide client base with its 40-plus IBM SoftLayer data centers around the world. We also have several services (built on OpenStack and other open technologies) in our cloud that customers can leverage to stitch them together with their business logic to create powerful next generation of applications inclusive of cognitive, Internet of Things, and mobile applications.

Join us for Gazing into the Crystal Ball, market insights and futures with IBM, moderated by Angel Diaz, IBM VP of Cloud Architecture and Technology:

“We’re delighted to feature key OpenStack technical and business leaders in this panel discussion as they explore the vast space that is OpenStack. Angel Diaz will host Jesse Proudman, CTO of Blue Box an IBM Company, Moe Abdula, IBM VP of Cloud Foundational Services, and Monty Taylor, Director of OpenStack Innovation as they gaze in to their crystal ball and share with you their insights in to the future of OpenStack. Angel will challenge them to make some predictions about the future based on their deep technical skills and business experience. It should make for some compelling conversations.”

We will also have a Keynote and also have dedicated IBM sessions covering our Hybrid story, and many more services that we are continued to build based on OpenStack. We’ll also share demos in the solution center. I’ll also be there, so connect with me on Twitter (@moeabdula) and hopefully we can link up.

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