IBM Relay 2015 – Should you run towards hybrid cloud? RSVP and learn why

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As tongue and cheek as the title seems, there underlies a serious question industry leaders must bear in mind, which is:

Are you running in the right direction towards Hybrid Cloud?

If the answer is yes, how do you know? Or how do you know you’re moving fast enough? If the answer is no, how can you correct your course before it’s too late?

Although the value may be crystal clear, enterprises still face challenges around successful adoption. Join us for an exclusive event where we will discuss how leading companies around the world are taking advantage of the cloud and how IBM is helping them to be successful.

What: IBM Relay 2015 (Livestream)
When: Tuesday, November 10th @ 9:30 AM EST
How: Please register today on Eventbrite

If you’ll be in the Tri-state area, join us in person!

What: IBM Relay 2015
When: Tuesday, November 10th @ 8:30 AM EST
Where: Altman Building, 135 W 18th Street, NYC 10011
How: Please register today

When speaking of on-premises cloud, there are other hurdles to be cleared especially when it comes to platforms—there is an inability to successfully balance cost, agility and quality of service. Considering the fact that industry changes and innovation both move faster than Usain Bolt (unofficially), enterprises also want to couple entry points into cloud with clear paths to a more expansive cloud strategy – one that includes a mixture of on and off-premises infrastructure and services.

Learn proven Hybrid Cloud strategies and best practices

Earlier this month to address some of these challenges, we introduced our approach to hybrid cloud with Bluemix Local. However, let’s not stop short of the finish line. We’d like to show you a more in-depth view of our full hybrid story by tuning in to the livestream of our IBM Relay 2015 event November 10th.

During the event, you’ll learn how leading companies leverage hybrid cloud and how you can apply best practices to better run your enterprise’s cloud strategy. Additionally, you’ll garner a better understanding of IBM Cloud services and how each piece interlocks, including SoftLayer, Blue Box, IoT, Watson and many more.

We’ve also set aside time to help you discover or rediscover our newest technologies so that companies like yours, can learn how to move faster with renewed focus on innovation and performance. Featured speakers include:

  • Sam Ramji (Cloud Foundry), Jesse Proudman (IBM Bluebox) and Jason McGee (IBM) speak with IBM’s VP of Cloud Technology, Angel Diaz about the growth and momentum of open source communities around hybrid
  • John Rymer of Forrester Research will tell you about the rapid growth of “customer-centric” workloads in the cloud and the challenges many organizations have faced with private cloud

There are many other sessions for you to explore ways to unlock the potential of hybrid cloud and re-think what cloud means to the future success of your company.

Get on the right track

In closing, I’ll raise my earlier question: Why aren’t you running towards Hybrid Cloud? Today is your opportunity to get on the right track with your company’s cloud strategy; take one step closer towards the winners circle by reserving your spot today.

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