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Streaming Analytics Beta Update

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We have updated the Streaming Analytics service in Bluemix on September 17th.  This post describes the enhancements included in this beta refresh.

Current users of the service do not have to perform any actions to pick up the update, but instances of the service were stopped during the refresh, resulting in the cancellation of any running jobs.  You will need to start your instance from the service dashboard (or using the REST API) before you can submit jobs to your instance.

Upgrade to Streams 4.0.1

The update has upgraded the underlying IBM Streams product from version 4.0.0 to version 4.0.1.  Version 4.0.1 contain fixes as well as some enhancements, including an upgraded Java version.  IBM SDK Java Technology Edition Version 8 is now installed with Streams.  See the Streams 4.0.1 Knowledge Center for more details about what’s new in Streams 4.0.1.

If you use a Streams 4.0.0 development environment to create your cloud applications, your applications should still deploy to the Streaming Analytics service which is now based upon Streams 4.0.1.

Streams Console Enhancements

The web console that you can launch from the Streaming Analytics service has also been updated.  This new version of the console contains many improvements, based on user feedback, as well as a number of fixes.  The console provides more information, supports new tasks, and is easier to customize than the prior version.  Below is a screenshot of the updated console

To access the updated console, you’ll want to force a cache refresh in your browser window from the console tab (e.g. Shift-Reload or Ctrl-F5) to make sure the new version of the console is fully loaded.

If you have feedback on the console design and capabilities, we would like to hear from you!  Please post your feedback to the Bluemix Streaming Analytics forum and we will consider your suggestions for a future refresh of the service.

New Starter Application

A new starter application is provided, written in Node.js.  Please visit the EventDetection project in Bluemix DevOps Services for information about how to download and run the new starter application.  The EventDetection application uses the Streaming Analytics service to detect complex events in a stream of weather data.  The new starter application complements our other starter, NYCTraffic, which is written using the Liberty for Java runtime in Bluemix.

Additional Integration with Other Bluemix Services

Many Bluemix services provide a REST API.  The Streams Inet toolkit has been enhanced to better enable your Streams application to act as a REST client and interact with other Bluemix services.  Please note: in order to obtain this enhanced toolkit, you’ll need to download the latest Inet toolkit and add it to your Streams development environment.  See Integrating with Cloudant and many other RESTful Services for a brief tutorial about integrating your Streams application with other services that support a REST API.

Credential Support for Unbound Service Instances

In response to user requests, service credentials are now automatically created for service instances not bound to a Bluemix application.  The Streaming Analytics service dashboard allows you to view and manage these service credentials by selecting the “Service Credentials” item in the left hand navigation area. 

We hope you enjoy the new features of the service.  We encourage you to post your feedback on the service to the Bluemix Streaming Analytics forum and we will consider your suggestions for a future update.  If you haven’t used the Streaming Analytics service yet, please sign up for the Streaming Analytics Service today!

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