IBM acquires StrongLoop – Helping clients extend their enterprise reach

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StrongLoop, an IBM company The team at StrongLoop, Inc. helps companies succeed in connecting mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and next-generation web applications with enterprise data and services in a hybrid cloud environment. Today, IBM announced that it acquired StrongLoop to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

StrongLoop and Bluemix – What does this mean for you?
By Marie Wieck, General Manager, IBM Middleware

Like most of you, I’ve come to rely on a growing number of mobile devices. My go-to devices are my iPhone and iPad. These, and all the applications on them, keep me on time, on course, and engaged with my family, my clients and my IBM team.

As you may recall, the IBM MobileFirst team is working with Apple to deliver best-in-class iOS enterprise apps. These mobile apps major on simplicity and exceptional end-to-end experience for the user, but behind the scenes they can be quite complex. It’s not uncommon for mobile apps to have many application programming interfaces, or APIs, that connect to a variety of enterprise and cloud services. When you think of the explosive growth of mobile, IoT, and web apps, the number of APIs becomes staggering.

As enterprises strive to create new business models and deliver truly engaging customer experiences, APIs provide an efficient way to connect front-end mobile and web applications to your treasure trove of customer data and business logic. Node.js has emerged as one of the leading frameworks for APIs, and JavaScript is the top-ranked language, closely followed by Java, according to the June 2015 Redmonk Programming Language Rankings.

With this acquisition, IBM adds additional Node.js capabilities from StrongLoop to its existing Java, JavaScript and .Net capabilities as a one-stop shop for integration developers. Today, we launch StrongLoop ARC services integrated on IBM Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform for innovation. IBM is also integrating StrongLoop Node.js with our WebSphere, DataPower, API Management and MobileFirst offerings.

Open by design

And all of these efforts are open by design with a strong commitment to the developer ecosystem. Like IBM, StrongLoop is a Node.js Foundation founder, bringing the technology into full open governance so enterprises can use Node.js with confidence. StrongLoop is also a dedicated contributor to Node.js, and it maintains more than 160 modules within Node Package Manager. Together, IBM will continue to promote, support and invest in this open community as it tackles new challenges. Plans include support for globalization contributions and further integration with Java and WebSphere technologies.

Why? Because using a core set of open technologies unlocks the true value of your enterprise architecture. From trusted, open API frameworks like Node.js to leading Apache projects, IBM is designing offerings you can count on to help meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Everyone is focused on digital transformation to personalize the client experience and unleash new business models. Connecting users with enterprise services is one step on that journey.

I encourage you to sign up for a free trial of Bluemix and explore how you can unleash your services through API best practices in the Bluemix Garage. As you think about your digital transformation—from systems to cloud to mobile to analytics—focusing on API management and an open technology architecture is key, because open tech is how we all will stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Finally, I invite you to watch this space. I am confident that IBM and StrongLoop are the winning combination that will help you unlock your potential. For more information about the StrongLoop announcement, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Today’s announcement is just the beginning.

The Million API Jam is ON!
By Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP, WebSphere Chief Technology Officer

I’m really excited about our StrongLoop announcement and I want to warmly welcome the gang to our IBM Family. With StrongLoop and IBM together, I have a message for the players in the API Economy… “You are about to experience Hyper-growth!” I predict that over the next 3 years we will see the creation of an additional 1 Million Business APIs which will supercharge the economy around APIs.

You see, no one company can fuel and economy. This is where I love what the StrongLoop team has done. They have figured out how to harness the power of communities. Specifically, these large and vibrant development communities:

  • Node.js — Server-side Javascript
  • Express — Minimal, yet powerful web framework
  • LoopBack — Quickly create and connect RESTful APIs
  • Swagger — Simple yet powerful representation of RESTful API
  • Node-RED — A visual wiring tool for API assembly

There are said to be over 11 million Javascript programmers around the globe, with these specific communities playing host to an estimated 100,000+ developers. The technologies represented by these community projects form the foundation of an Open API platform. This platform enables developers to rapidly experiment with APIs, rapidly iterating from a concept in a sandbox to production. I call this method “The StrongLoop Method” of open API design. The method is simple, yet powerful.

The StrongLoop Method allows you to start simple; design, test, expand, iterate…
until perfection… Together with StrongLoop, IBM now has the most comprehensive and open API platform in the industry. It supports the FULL LIFECYCLE of APIs; Design, Discover, Connect, Assemble, Connect, Deploy, Scale and Manage.

Read more on Jerry’s blog on developerWorks community…

General Manager, IBM Hybrid Cloud

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