Best of Bluemix: Content repos, SSO, and containers

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best of bluemix This weekly post spotlights some of the best new tutorials, videos, and other content published each week on developerWorks.

  • Access an onsite content repository from the cloud
    Gain business advantages by transforming a siloed content repository into a cloud-accessible asset. This tutorial shows how to integrate an IBM Bluemix application with an on-premises IBM Content Manager instance using the Bluemix Secure Gateway service and a Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) interface.
  • Extend your company’s internal single sign-on to Bluemix web apps
    This tutorial shows how companies can deploy web apps to Bluemix and restrict access to users who have credentials in the company’s internal SAML Identity Provider. The authentication process requires that users have access to the company intranet when accessing the web application, which provides an additional layer of security.
    The solution doesn’t require replication of user identity credentials to the Bluemix environment, so there no issues with identity repositories being out of sync, and users experience a seamless single sign-on experience while moving from internally-deployed web applications to Bluemix-deployed applications within the same browser session.
  • Compare three options for delivering your cloud applications
    This article provides an introduction to some of today’s popular application delivery technologies associated with cloud computing. Most cloud-based services today are delivered through bare metal or virtualization (and VMs). A new, popular, and less costly third choice, Docker containers, is also described. The article offers guidance on how to select the right technology for your needs.

Check out the Bluemix page on developerWorks for more great how-to and introductory content on Bluemix, including quick-starts, a list of tutorials available for each Bluemix service, and more.

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