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Updates to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix

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A new version of IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix is now available for download. This latest version is packed with new features and improvements. Here are some highlighted capabilities introduced in this update:

  • JavaScript Debug Support for Node.js Applications
    You can debug remote JavaScript applications that have been published from the Tools. After a JavaScript application has been deployed from the Tools to Bluemix, you can right click on the application in the Servers view and select Launch JavaScript Debugger. The application will be restarted in debug mode and the Node Inspector will be launched so that you can debug the application.
    Remote debug JavaScript applications that are running in Bluemix
  • Java 8 Liberty for Java support
    The Liberty for Java runtime in Bluemix now supports deploying and running projects that are compiled using Java 8. To specify the runtime Java version, create an environment variable during deployment with the name JBP_CONFIG_IBMJDK and set the value to “[version: 1.7.+]” or “[version: 1.8.+]”. The Java version is validated to ensure compatibility with the Java version used for project compilation.
    Java 8 environment variable setting
  • Incremental publish support of web fragment projects
    Incremental publish support for JEE applications has been expanded to support web fragment projects.
  • Eclipse Mars support
    The Tools now support the latest Eclipse Mars version, which has recently been released.
  • Trust self-signed certificates support
    You can specify that self-signed certificates be trusted when adding user-defined Cloud URLs.
    Trust self-signed certificates setting
  • Other improvements
    A number of other usability improvements have been introduced in this release:

    • Improved responsiveness on canceling application deployment and publish operations.
    • “Map/Unmap Project” has been renamed to “Link with Project/Unlink Project” and automatically refreshes applications after the project is linked or unlinked.
    • Service deletion is blocked when the service is bound to an existing application.
    • Detection of unsupported Java versions being used to run the Tools.
    • Simplified application labels on the Servers view when the application name is the same as the project name.

In addition to adding new capabilities in this version update, we have also included a number of bug fixes.


If you are new to IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, or you want to find out more, you can find more information below:

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