Happy SysAdmin Day!

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Wait, what exactly is SysAdmin Day? System Administrator Appreciation Day is an international celebration of sysadmins across the globe, an official recognition of geekdom and of the time and effort these device-doctors and tech-therapists sacrifice as they work their magic at unsocial hours.

Typical of his trade, Ted Kekatos altruistically claimed the last Friday in July as the day that his global techie team should be recognized for the irreplaceable, printer-proficient, gadget-genius, digital-dexterous, software-savvy, computer crackerjacks and widget whizes that they are.

Because the internet doesn't really run on magic elves.

Because the internet doesn’t really run on magic elves.

In appreciation of their workplace contributions, system administrators are to be spoiled rotten on Sysadmin Day, or SAD, as they like to call it. The long-established custom requires that all system administrators be showered with gadgets, that they have first dibs on the office coffee and that their co-workers do their bidding on this most solemn day. No sysadmin should lift a finger on System Administrator Appreciation Day, unless it’s for the purpose of pointing to the co-workers where to stick their cables and which buttons they should press.

If you want to know more about system administrators, here are some interesting stats, from the US Department of Labor, regarding system administrators working in US, that iolo has shared with us:

  • 365,430 — Number of System Administrators employed in the U.S.
  • $79,770 — Mean annual wage for American System Administrators
  • Virginia, Vermont, District of Columbia, Maryland & Colorado — States with the highest concentrations of System Administrator jobs.
  • Burlington, VT, Washington DC, Palm Bay, FL, Boulder, CO & Bethesda, MD — Metro areas with the highest concentration of System Administrator jobs.
  • Bethesda, MD, San Jose, CA, Cleveland, TN, San Francisco, CA & Washington DC — Top paying metropolitan areas for System Administrator jobs.
  • Computer Systems Design and Data Processing, Hosting & Related Services — Industries with the highest concentration of employment for System Administrators.
  • Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil, Independent Artists, Writers & Performers and Oil and Gas Extraction — Top paying industries for System Administrators.

There is even a song to celebrate the day:

Happy SysAdmin day!

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