Embed rich reports in your web and mobile applications

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bluemix_mobile_blog Increasingly, developers are looking to incorporate analytics as part of their user experience. However, most developers do not have the resources to develop, maintain and support an analytics solution in-house.

The Embeddable Reporting Service (ERS) for IBM Bluemix was engineered specifically to address this problem. It is a light-weight service for seamlessly embedding reports and dashboards within web and mobile applications. Developers use ERS via simple and intuitive REST APIs using a wide variety of languages such as Node.js or Java.

Features of the Embeddable Reporting Service

The Embedded Reporting Service beta is open to anyone on Bluemix and has the following features:

Simple Authoring Environment:

Developers, designers and product managers can easily collaborate on authoring reports and dashboards to be embedded within their application. They can do so without the need to manage data sources, visualization engines and query syntaxes across source code. Using ERS’s report authoring environment with your internet browser, you can create analytical content ranging from a simple query for displaying a key metric to joining data from multiple data sources for a sophisticated dashboard.

RESTful API for easy support across programing languages:

Embedding a report or dashboard is as easy as an HTTP GET via our RESTful API. Access all the content you’ve created the way you prefer with support for wide variety of languages, frameworks and tools. The service minimizes code changes required to embed reports by allowing you to modify the data in a report through parameters.

Integrate rich visualizations into applications:

Your business isn’t static. Your library of visualizations shouldn’t be either. With extensible visualizations, you have access to a growing collection of customizable visualizations.


ERS lets you grow your user base without need to worry about scaling your reporting infrastructure. No need to change a line of code, add hardware or alter environmental configurations. The service scales with you throughout development, testing, and production.

Bring your own content:
With ERS, developers can easily connect to their data on the cloud and start reporting immediately.

Try it!

Want to try it? See our sample app A Step Count Progress Tracker and check out Embeddable Reporting in the Bluemix catalog.

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