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If you were in Portland, Oregon this week, you surely were affected by the buzz around OSCON. Whether you spotted a few developers with glow sticks jogging down the Willamette riverside for the 5k Glow Run on Monday night or passed by the Oregon Convention Center teeming with badge-equipped conference goers, the vibe in Portland was all about open source technology. For those of you not lucky enough to experience it for yourself, I thought I would recap a bit of the excitement around the event and Bluemix’s role in the festivities.

OSCONers prepare for the start of the 5k Glow Run

OSCONers prepare for the start of the 5k Glow Run along the Portland riverside

The week started off with a series of workshops on Monday and Tuesday. The workshop topics varied across the board, some focusing on architecture best practices and others drilling deep down into the technical workings of open source programming languages. Hot topics at this year’s conference were containers (Docker, of course) and their orchestration, as well as open front end and mobile frameworks. On Tuesday, IBM sponsored Open Cloud Day, an all-day event focused on PaaS and IaaS solutions. One of the notable sessions was IBMers Andrew Hately and Jason McGee’s talk on lessons learned from building applications on open source platforms like Cloud Foundry, Docker, and Linux-based systems.

On Wednesday morning, Angel Diaz helped kick off the sessions with his keynote on open source technologies helping companies avoid vendor lock-in. In his typical commanding vibrato, Angel enraptured the crowd as he spoke about key open source projects and their convergence towards delivering integrated, open solutions. If you missed it, you can check out his talk right here, along with any of the other OSCON keynote sessions on the O’Reilly Youtube channel.

After Wednesday’s keynotes, the floodgates to the expo hall were opened and the controlled chaos of the exposition began. IBMers from Bluemix, SoftLayer, Cloudant, z Systems, and more were all accounted for, working together to communicate our strategy to the open source community. All the bells and whistles were pulled out to make the booth engaging for attendees, including an IoT-connected foosball table (built by IBMer @Josh_schwaa) and theater sessions covering lightning tech talks on open technologies. A large focus in the expo hall was given to open platforms like Cloud Foundry, with Bluemix, Pivotal, and HP Helion all vying to talk about their managed CF platforms. The Bluemix team received great feedback from conference attendees and in return shared the wealth by giving out a 2-month free trial extensions.

IBM Bluemix Designer and lover of containers, Stan Li (@stan_ex), talks with conference attendees about Bluemix.

IBM Bluemix Designer and lover of containers, Stan Li (@stan_ex), talks with conference attendees about Bluemix.

With the talks just wrapped up today and the last of the attendees riding the MAX transit to the airport, it is time to close the books on OSCON 2015. Look out for next year as OSCON relocates to the beautiful Austin, Texas, where it joins the fastest growing tech scene in the US (Disclaimer: I am an Austinite). Until next time open sourcers!

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