Best of Bluemix: Sphero and Raspberry Pi

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best of bluemix sm Best of Bluemix: Sphero and Raspberry PiThis weekly post showcases some of best new tutorials, videos, and other content published each week on developerWorks.

    • See IBM Bluemix in action: David Barnes demos Bluemix at NYTECH
      In this demo David Barnes, Program Director of IBM Emerging Technology, demonstrates how you can choose a runtime or framework, such as Node.js or PHP, then select one or more services, such as a Watson or mobile service, and link them with your app. He illustrates this by deploying a chat app on Bluemix, then linking it with the Bluemix Internet of Things service to power a Sphero.

David Barnes with Sphero

  • Build a remote-controlled Raspberry Pi 2 monitor for your IBM Bluemix apps
    Demystify the Internet of Things with a hands-on project that uses the IBM Internet of Things Foundation to interconnect your devices and apps. Set up a Raspberry Pi 2 to monitor uptime and access time for a running IBM Bluemix app, capturing the results in a graphing app that you can deploy to Bluemix. And code a desktop application that controls the Raspberry Pi 2 monitor remotely.

Check out the Bluemix page on developerWorks for more great how-to and introductory content on Bluemix, including quick-starts, a list of tutorials available for each Bluemix service, and more.

Do you have ideas for Bluemix topics you’d like to see more of on developerWorks? I’d love to hear from you! Comment here or email me your ideas!

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