IBM Acquires AlchemyAPI

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Today, IBM announced the acquisition of AlchemyAPI.

IBM will integrate AlchemyAPI’s deep learning technology with the Watson platform and expose these capabilities to the broader developer community through IBM Bluemix.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered out of Denver, AlchemyAPI helps developers build cognitive-infused applications with a combination of text analysis and visual recognition services.

The text analysis services use sophisticated natural language processing to analyze content and add high-level semantic information while the image services enable developers to extract and tag images to better understand content and context.

Developers can access the services through simple REST APIs to power new apps and services.

AlchemyAPIs platform currently processes billions of API calls per month across 36 countries and 8 different languages. Both new and existing users can access these services through Bluemix.

AlchemyAPI, Watson and Bluemix

IBM built the Bluemix platform to not only help organizations of all sizes move more quickly and extend existing investments in apps and infrastructure, but to build the new types of apps and services that use data and mobility to engage both users, and the physical world around us, in new and exciting ways.

IBM is doing that through a combination of innovation in areas such as cognitive computing and Internet of Things, partnerships with companies like Apple and Twitter, the inclusion of 3rd party services in the Bluemix catalog and investment in companies like Cloudant and now, AlchemyAPI.

Taken in combination, we are working to provide developers with a powerful set of tools so they can move quickly and build a new class of apps and services differentiated by how they make use of data.

We’re thrilled to welcome both the AlchemyAPI team and community to IBM. To learn more about AlchemyAPI and their journey, you can also visit the AlchemyAPI blog.

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