Hybrid Integration for the Digital Innovation Platform

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Businesses are entering an era of digital transformation. More than ever, companies are relying on a broad ecosystem of digital services to build disruptive new solutions that engage customers and partners in a new way.

Often, this requires looking outside of enterprise walls for bright and innovate ideas while at the same time building on top of the treasure trove of data companies are already sitting on – essentially becoming a hybrid business. A hybrid business requires hybrid cloud platform.

At Interconnect 2015, we made several new announcements that expanded the capabilities of Bluemix into the premier digital innovation platform that helps power hybrid apps. As an integrated hybrid cloud platform, Bluemix enables you to choose the right combination of development and deployment models to drive digital innovation across apps and workloads, across any combination of public, private, and on-premises cloud.

Hybrid Integration Services

One of the highlight announcements was around a new set of hybrid integration capabilities, which allows businesses to innovate rapidly, while at the same time, keeping IT happy with improved visibility and control. They also empower you to quickly and easily build applications that mix data and APIs from a wide variety of sources – whether they reside on-prem or in the cloud.

We refreshed the Integration Zone within Bluemix – an updated repository of resources and information, including new services, sample code, and case studies to inspire and guide you and help you build take your applications to the next level! Let’s walk through and take closer look.

Liberate your data

Securely connect your existing systems to your cloud apps

It’s all about liberating your APIs and data into the cloud! Chances are, some of the data and services that you need to power your new ideas already exist – let’s not reinvent the wheel here. Instead, let’s selectively discover them from behind the firewall and replicate or expose them in place in a secure fashion. The first step is to connect Bluemix to the data center.

Secure Gateway provides secure connectivity from Bluemix to other applications and data sources running on-premise or in other clouds. In minutes, you can download the Gateway and configure it to access on-prem services and databases. You can use an auto-generated passport to make doing this a snap. It’s like a credential vault in the cloud that gives developers self-service access to on-prem data.

Get your data, even across a firewall

Relevant and accurate data, when and where you need it

Sometimes the data that you need isn’t ready for prime time. It’s not completely accurate, or you can’t move all of it into the cloud, especially sensitive information. Sometimes you don’t want all of it, just a few pieces. It needs some nurturing and attention.

DataWorks enables you to refine raw data into relevant and useful information that can help power your applications. You can load, cleanse, and classify data – all of which helps you quickly develop data-rich applications.

Great apps need great data

Create, manage, and socialize your APIs

Now that you’ve securely accessed your data and refined it to be fit for purpose, how do you share it or APIs built on it with others? Making it available to other developers is the key step to accelerate digital transformation across the entire ecosystem.

API Management allows you to create and discover APIs from on-premise resources and share them internally or externally across the Bluemix– with enterprise policy control and analytics to boot. You can publish the APIs to the Bluemix catalog for consumption by Bluemix applications. You can also use the UI for advanced monitoring and tracking of your API usage.

Need some more inspiration?

Excited but not sure where to start on your digital transformation journey? Take a look at the following customer keynote video from Interconnect.

Heather Cox, CMO of Citi’s Consumer Banking group, discusses their digital acceleration program, and how they are unleashing, developing, and disrupting how banks innovate using cloud and mobile. She also introduces the JoinPay application which is an example of innovation from Citi’s Mobile Challenge. Jerry Cuomo, CTO Middleware for IBM, then guides you through a demo of how Citi was able to unleash it’s APIs and Data into the cloud to develop the innovative JoinPay app leveraging the new hybrid integration services in Bluemix.

Get inspired to drive digital transformation in your business with the Bluemix platform.

Check it out!

Want to build the next-generation hybrid application? All the tools required access the data and services you need to build these applications exist today. Enough talk – let’s start coding. Go on, start transforming your business on the digital innovation platform!

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