Best of Bluemix: Tutorials, Android, J2EE

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To call attention to popular articles on Bluemix available on IBM developerWorks, this weekly post will introduce three “best of” articles. This week’s entry focuses on tutorials and quick application building exercises using Android and J2EE.

  • Editors’ picks: Top 15 Bluemix tutorials

    If you’ve been following developerWorks, you’ve noticed that we’ve published tons of great tutorials, complete with sample apps and code, in recent months. In this article, Chris Rothemich, developerWorks Editor in Chief, gives you a rundown of some of the very best Bluemix tutorials of 2014.

  • Build an Android app and a web app to monitor on-premise database table values

    Apps in the cloud are great, but your data shouldn’t have to live there too. Here’s an app that lets you check on-premise data and send notifications to a phone when something changes.

  • Build a portable Java EE app across Bluemix and private cloud patterns

    By staying within Java EE standards, the “write once, run anywhere” promise of Java can remain intact across IBM Bluemix and on-premise virtual application patterns. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the differences in database connectivity, how to use JNDI to keep your code portable, and a technique to automate Bluemix database initialization without coding the initialization into the application. With just a little extra effort, your application can remain independent of the platform on which it is deployed.

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