InterConnect 2015: Watson Zone on Bluemix

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Last year, IBM introduced Bluemix, a new platform-as-service that combines the strength of IBM software, third-party and open technologies. Bluemix stands as an end to end platform for building out applications using the best IBM, and IBM ecosystem, has to offer.

At InterConnect 2015, IBM announced the launch of Watson Zone within Bluemix – a center of information and capabilities that brings together partners, customers, cognitive services from Watson, sample code and case studies to inspire and guide users. All of these resources come together to allow you to infuse cognitive capabilities into your cloud and mobile applications to transform your business!

Watson Zone

Cognitive Services

Cognitive services allow your app to learn, reason, and consider context. The more data you feed your app, the smarter your app gets. Developers have an access to an array of cognitive services including the 13 IBM Watson services to the business partner services. Use these services to build your cognitive applications.

Cognitive Services

IBM Watson Services

  • Personality Insights: Analysis of personality to help engage users on their own terms
  • Concept Insights: Find related documents and information from meaning vs. keywords
  • Tradeoff Analytics: Filter and visual alternatives to aid decision making
  • Visual Recognition: Identify entities in image files
  • Speech Recognition: Real time transcription of speech into text
  • Text to Speech: Vocalize text into human sounding output
  • Message Resonance: Communicate with people with a style and works that suites them
  • Concept Expansion: Maps euphemisms to more commonly understood phrases
  • Relationship Extraction: Intelligently finds relationships between sentences components
  • Machine Translation: Translate text from one language to another
  • Language Identification: Identifies the language in which text is written
  • Questions and Answer: Direct responses to user inquiries fueled by primary document sources
  • Visualization Rendering: Graphical representation of data analysis for easier understanding

Business Partner Services

  • Cognitive Insight: A contextually relevant and personalized observation or prediction, presented with a recommendation, with the purpose of invoking user action
  • Cognitive Graph: An encapsulation of knowledge, sourced from 3rd party, internal, and private data sources, using a domain specific model, into a query-able graph representation
  • Cognitive Commerce: Cognitive insights and advice fuel personalized and contextual commerce opportunities for consumers and businesses and provide more relevant and actionable recommendations

Try it!

Watson zone provides with ready code to test-drive some of the apis in your application. Simply copy the code into your application, use the free, limited API key to run the apis and explore the power of these services. If you want to try sample applications, we have one running for you; learn how it works.

Featured API

Need more inspiration?

Excited but not sure how you can transform your business? Get inspired by the customer case study. See how Bluemix ecosystem offers users convenient access to an expanding portfolio of technologies on a flexible platform that allows for user collaboration allowing for the development of more applications more quickly and more easily. Learn how developers like you are transforming their business with Bluemix platform. Think what you can do for your business!

This technology is here today. We are seeing the fruits of that innovation in live applications designed and developed at some of the world’s most prominent institutions, and running securely. The possibilities for transformation are truly endless.

Go on, try it and build your application on

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