InterConnect 2015: Digital Transformation and Powering Hybrid Apps

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Bluemix - The Digital Innovation Platform

Businesses need a new way to think, work, and deliver

Today’s enterprises have tremendous amounts of data, applications, and services that are too often tacit. These hidden, inside-the-firewall resources represent a tremendous amount of untapped opportunity.

Organizations need a way to build innovative apps, services and APIs with their existing talent and resources and then build new communities and markets around them.

To take advantage of these opportunities, businesses need a digital innovation platform that gives them resource portability, visibility, and empowers their developers.

Bluemix – The Digital Innovation Platform

In February of last year, we introduced Bluemix as a public cloud PaaS based on Cloud Foundry with approximately 20 IBM and 3rd party services. We have continued to expand the platform to help our clients accelerate delivery and innovation across a wide diversity of apps, services and workloads with varying business, technical and regulatory requirements.

With the announcements we are making today, we now have over 100 runtimes and services, three open infrastructure options, new data centers and deployment models spanning public, private and on-premises cloud.

An Integrated Hybrid Cloud Platform

Today we are announcing a preview of Bluemix Local, complementing our public and dedicated offerings. Bluemix Local will be delivered as a managed service behind the firewall, helping enterprise customers deliver with speed and agility around even their most sensitive workloads.

With three Bluemix deployment models, clients will have the ability to experience combinations of on and off-premises cloud as a single connected environment, with a syndicated catalog of services and a common ops console.

This approach provides customers an integrated hybrid cloud platform; enabling them to drive pervasive agility and innovation, manage the both the environment and apps with a consistent set of tools and, ultimately, move apps and services based on policy, latency, scale, cost and architecture requirements.

Committed to Open Technology

IBM is committed to open cloud and we are continuing to use these technologies to power the expansion of Bluemix.

Today, we are announcing Virtual Machines and Containers are now integrated as core infrastructure options in Bluemix.

  • IBM Containers:  Native Docker container environment with a private registry and seamless delivery pipeline
  • Virtual Machines:  VMs, powered by OpenStack, enables IT to deliver consistent and automatically scalable business services while empowering development with integrated monitoring

Portability, Ops and Productivity

Delivering innovation with speed and agility requires organizations to embrace three behaviors that empower all roles in their organizations with new ways to work.

Enabling the portability of applications, data, and services means the people who need to act have the right resource at the right time and place. Exposing tacit data and services within the organization creates new business opportunities.

Bluemix helps companies deliver portability for data, apps, and services through a combination of our approach to integrated deployment models, enterprise integration and connectivity services and our foundation of open technology, especially including the support for enterprise containers.

New Ways
Shifting workloads and data securely and seamlessly across environments enables organizations to deliver new experiences to their consumers that would be impossible without hybrid cloud.  The challenge is having the operational visibility and control to maintain those resources.  Bluemix’s core capabilities are being expanded to include a single, unified console across your public, dedicated, and local Bluemix environments and enhanced application and data services:

  • IBM DataWorks: New, intuitive tooling and experience to find, refine, enrich and deliver trusted data.
  • IBM Monitoring and Analytics:  A unified view with deep operational data and insights that provides visibility and rapid problem resolution for applications and services across Bluemix

Developer productivity drives innovation and experimentation that is fast and open across a business and its partners.  Businesses need to surface composable parts to drive new ecosystems of services and applications.  This can only be done by providing a self-service catalog of data, services, and applications that are secure, resident and accessible across public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem resources.

In addition to Bluemix Local we are introducing or enhancing the following services to help developers build with greater speed and quality:

  • Watson Zone and Cognitive Scale: Build apps that can learn, reason and consider context with new services, education and references and use cases
  • Delivery Pipeline: Fully automate and control code delivery from a developer’s machine to production with zero downtime
  • API Harmony:  Use Watson to find the right API from IBM or a 3rd party to help solve your business challenge
  • Secure Gateway: Easily and securely connect your APIs, existing data, and systems to Bluemix in minutes through a simple Passport service
  • API Management: Publish, promote, and manage your ecosystem of APIs in a secure and scalable environment
  • Object Storage: Consumable OpenStack API services for unstructured data that can be easily integrated into applications and other cloud services

Get Started

The move from the data center to the cloud is one that starts with a first step and whether you want to start by connecting existing resources to the public cloud or with a private cloud, Bluemix provides many ways to begin that journey and then grow and scale your cloud practice over time.

Get started with hybrid cloud today.

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